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5 Morning Fitness Workouts To Keep You Pumped All Day

Starting your day with a workout is not just good for health but also for maintaining a good mood for the entire day. After spending whole night sleeping so the morning workouts should not be too intense as the muscles stay still during a night and the moves should not be too hard on joints and muscles. Morning workouts are an excellent way boosting your energy as it not just wakes up your mind but also your body.

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Foam Roller Exercises:

You should get an electric foam roller and try to fit a few exercises in the morning as they are a good way of improving the range of motion without decreasing the level of strength. These exercises are good for getting rid of muscular, facial tightness, inflammation and it improves blood flow. Foam roller exercises such as quadriceps or hamstring foam roller exercises are excellent pre-workout exercises as they boost the energy level of the muscles.

Jumping Jacks:

It is a good exercise to start your mornings with. It is an excellent stretching exercise for arms, legs, chest and thighs. It is useful for elevating the heart rate which energizing the body. All you have to do is to stand with your feet together and keep arms by your side. Jump your feet and at the same time bring your arms above your head. Keep repeating the motion for about thirty seconds, and your muscles will stay healthy and energized. It is an excellent exercise to warm up the muscles.

Fast Feet:

It is an excellent exercise that is good for physical fitness as well as the nervous system because it is a combination of brain and body working together. You have to stand with feet apart, and there should be a shoulder width between the feet. You need to stand on balls of the feet, bend the knees slightly and move feet quickly. Keep repeating the movement for about thirty seconds, and you will feel significantly energized.

Running or Walking:

Running or a morning walk is also an excellent way of refreshing the body. Running is best done in the outdoor environment as you get to breathe in the fresh morning air and enjoy nature while working your muscles. But if you are unable to run or walk outdoors you can also use a treadmill. You can time your runs and increase it as your fitness level increases. You can use earphones and listen to soothing music to refresh your mind as you run. Morning walk or running is useful in building healthy bones and helps in keeping weight and blood pressure under control.

Bicycle Crunches:

It helps in strengthening the spine with its spine twisting motion. The exercise is useful for improving the motion of the spine after a good night’s sleep, and it activates the back muscles so you can stay active all day. You need to sit on the floor, lift your feet, put your hands behind your head and keep the chest up while keeping the back straight. Now twist so that you can bring the right elbow to the left knee. Repeat the motion with the other arm.

Morning workouts are not just good for boosting your mood but also helpful in improving your sleep and keeping the weight in check.

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