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    You Can Now Subscribe To Hulu For Just $0.99/Month For A Year

    Black Friday savings are here, and Hulu definitely understood the assignment.

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    Thanksgiving is here, and you know what that means: it's that most wonderful time of year, when everyone in the family piles into one house and fights over control of the remote. Ah yes, the holidays...

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    Luckily, we live in the ~streaming age~ which means we've got an abundance of options to watch this holiday season. If you simply cannot stand the thought of sitting through yet another screening of A Christmas Story, then it might be time to add a new subscription to your list.

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    And this sudden need for a new subscription couldn't have come at a better time, because Hulu is running a *huge* Black Friday sale right now.

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    How's that for timing? 

    From Thanksgiving day through November 29, you can get Hulu for just $0.99 a month for 12 months. That's only $12 for a year's worth of ad-supported access to Hulu originals, classic TV shows, some of the best holiday movies — and ~non~ holiday movies (even the best of us can only watch Love Actually so many times in a one-month period).

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    Plus, there are no hidden fees or installation involved, you can cancel whenever you feel like it, AND most importantly, you can take your subscription home for the holidays with you! 

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    Some of my favorites include Only Murders in the Building, Bob's Burgers, and The Great, which just dropped its second season and is most definitely worth the watch.

    Not to mention, all nine seasons of Scrubs (one of the best sitcoms of all eternity) are available to binge on Hulu right now.

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    So seriously, gift yourself $72 in savings on a year's worth of Hulu this holiday season. Sign up now before this Black Friday deal ends on 11/29!

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