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    27 Stylish Things From Target To Reinvent Your Home A Little

    Because sometimes a little living room rebrand is just what you need.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gallery wall kit that includes frames, prints, and a template because the whole bare-posters-hung-on-the-wall-with-tape thing just isn't cutting it anymore.

    the framed prints on a white wall next to a leather chair and potted plant

    2. A tufted storage bench to serve both living room looks AND as a secret hiding spot. Who has enough storage space these days, anyway? (Answer: no one.)

    the blue storage bench

    3. A faux fur comforter that's making me sleepy just staring at it... BUT it is also a stylish statement piece for your bedroom. I personally cannot wait to take the most aesthetically pleasing nap of my life tucked under this thing.

    4. A brass tripod floor lamp because bright overhead lighting is *so* not where it's at these days. This lamp will have you seeing your space in a ~whole new light~ for sure.

    the three legged floor lamp

    5. An ornamental wall shelf to ~elevate~ the style of any room in your house (and to help out if you're currently running low on surface space).

    the gold shelf

    6. A TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace so you can bring that rural cabin-chic vibe into your place *without* ever having to give up your urban luxuries. Live without fast Wi-Fi and food delivery services? Never.

    the electric fireplace tv stand

    7. A six-tier wooden plant stand in case your space is slowly but surely growing into a jungle. This will help you organize your lil' green babies in a stylish fashion, without letting them take over your life (completely).

    the wooden plant stand next to a couch

    8. And a large faux fern or two, because if we're being completely honest with ourselves, keeping up a whole house worth of plants is a tough job, and sometimes you've gotta cut yourself a little slack in the watering department.

    9. A plush shag rug to add a little 1970s flair to your 2022 living room. It's shagadelic, baby!

    10. A mist humidifier with a faux wood shell that won't stick out like a sore thumb amongst all your other carefully curated decor. This device can send warm or cool mist into your space and exudes the most tranquil of vibes.

    the humidifier

    11. A six-seat dining table to help you curate a more ~intentional~ dining space (and encourage you to throw all those dinner parties you've been dreaming about).

    the long rectangular dining table

    12. And of course a set of gorgeous spindle-back dining chairs to seat everyone at your newly acquired stable. Charcuterie, anyone?

    the chairs in black

    13. A handheld shower head with four settings and a sleek finish, because even if your place has 99 problems, bad water pressure (or a rusty old shower head, for that matter) should absolutely NOT be one.

    the shower head

    14. A roll of tropical peel-and-stick wallpaper to turn any housing situation into your own personal oasis without having to face your deep-seated fear of commitment. We'll deal with that later — right now, you've got a house to redecorate!

    The wallpaper which is green and has tropical leaf patterns

    15. Or a roll of forest-inspired peel-and-stick wallpaper for my more ~eclectic~ decorators. Getting to live out my grandma-meets-cottagecore design dreams without losing my security deposit? Yes, please!

    16. A pair of tempered glass nesting tables that look like literal art pieces and can be easily tucked away to make room in smaller spaces.

    the glass tables in a living room

    17. A sheer curtain because you know what they say: The windows are the eyes to the house's soul...or whatever. Point is some cute new curtains can spruce up your entire space.

    the curtains in blush pink

    18. A smart lightbulb that you can control and customize from an app. Mood lighting whenever you want it and lights you don't need to get up to turn off? Alexa, play "Year 3000" by the Jonas Brothers.

    the smart bulbs

    19. A dome-shaped accent lamp that will quite literally brighten up any space and looks much fancier than its price tag. Two of my favorite things: budget-friendly decor and soft lighting.

    the gold table lamp

    20. A memory foam bath runner that you can use to cover up that outdated (and consistently ice-cold) bathroom tile. Knocking out that nightly skincare routine just got a little bit more pleasant.

    the bath runner in purple

    21. A stylish shower curtain with knotted fringe that's basically the tone-setter for your entire bathroom. You're in there every single day — why not make it as fashionable as possible?

    22. A four-pack of flameless LED candles for all the immaculate ~mood lighting~ that candles provide without the literal open flame part. It's aesthetic at its finest: risk-free.

    the pillar candles on a mantle

    23. A mod faux leather pouf that is simultaneously super useful while also serving as a gorgeous statement piece for your space. Ottoman? Side table? Art? This pouf does it all.

    24. A lift-top coffee table that can instantly help transform your living room into a work/dining/any-activity-that-needs-a-table space when necessary.

    25. A wood-framed floor mirror to provide the ~illusion~ of a larger space and give your daily 'fit pics a suitably stylish frame.

    the mirror leaned against a wall

    26. A pack of peel-and-stick backsplash tiles so you can create the kitchen of your dreams, without the nightmare that is hardcore home renovation.

    the backsplash in pink

    27. An intersecting cube wall shelf to ~frame~ your knickknacks, while also keeping them neatly stored. Talk about fashion meeting function!

    the intersecting wall shelf

    You coming home to your newly spruced-up space:

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