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    15 Stylish Items From Lane Bryant For Anyone Who Absolutely Hates The Heat

    We're sort of like vampires. ~Stylish~ vampires.

    1. A pair of sweat-wicking shorts to ensure that those upsettingly high summer temps don't ruin your Hot Girl Walk™.

    2. A tie dye maxi skirt to trick your brain into thinking you're on vacation somewhere tropical so you won't mind the scorching heat as much.

    a model wearing the tie dye skirt in blue

    3. A lightweight slip dress to ~slip~ on for some charcuterie and wine out on a shaded patio in the early evening. A.k.a MY personal favorite summer pastime.

    a model wearing the tie dye slip dress

    4. A sweat-wicking skort which looks lightweight, sweet and sporty — all qualities I aspire to emanate this summer while laying stylishly in the shade.

    5. A ribbed gold bikini in case you personally need a dash of ~drama~ to force you to sweat in the sun at a pool party this summer. How's a little Princess Leia moment, for you?

    a model wearing the gold bikini

    6. Or, try a one-shoulder one-piece swimsuit featuring cute cutouts that are sure to give you and out. "I'd love to stay, y'all, but I don't want to get wild tan lines!"

    the black and white spotted swimsuit

    7. A convertible flutter sleeve dress to let those shoulders ~breathe~ when necessary, and look utterly gorgeous whilst doing so.

    8. A tube top with a built-in shelf bra for some added support so you can go bra-free as often as you'd like this summer, just like the gods intended.

    a model wearing the tube top in yellow

    9. A flowy gingham midi dress to have you looking like a whole snack, and the picnic blanket you plan to eat it on, too (even if you're sweating like the bottle of kombucha you brought to wash it all down)!

    a model wearing the pink and red gingham dress

    10. A striped floppy sunhat so you can hide your face from the sun in ~style~. It's fashion meets function!

    the gold striped sunhat

    11. A pair of soft eyelet shorts that look light, airy and absolutely darling. Plus, these babies seem simple enough to pair with just about anything!

    the white shorts

    12. A pair of chunky chain slide sandals to let your toes breathe as much as possible during these dire times (the dire times being any time the temperature rises above 80°).

    the slides in brown and gold

    13. A pair of oversized leopard sunglasses so you can look like a glamorous ~Old Hollywood~ star while you hide from the hideously bright summer sun.

    the black glasses with leopard print sides

    14. A seamless, sweat-wicking sports bra because I think we can ALL agree nothing sullies a pleasant summer afternoon like a seemingly endless pool of boob sweat.

    15. A tie-neck halter maxi dress which looks like it belongs at a glamorous party inside a grand — and very air conditioned — house. Don't mind me, just manifesting...

    Stay cool out there!

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