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    30 Products From Target For Anyone Who Just Bought A New Home

    Whether it's turn-key ready or you're already planning a total home makeover, you might want to grab a few things on this list for your new pad.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tufted storage bench in case your new home is unfortunately lacking on closets. Who has enough storage space these days, anyway?

    the blue storage bench

    2. A brass tripod floor lamp because bright overhead lighting is *so* not where it's at these days. This lamp will have you seeing your space in a ~whole new light~ for sure.

    the three legged floor lamp

    3. A TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace so you can experience that elusive rural cabin-chic vibe *without* having to buy the actual cabin. Give up urban luxuries like fast Wi-Fi and food delivery services? Never.

    the stand with the fireplace on

    4. A sweet and simple "Welcome Home" doormat to, well, welcome you and everyone else to your new home!

    5. A six-seat dining table because now you have all the space you need to throw the dinner parties of your dreams. I personally have about 100 TikTok recipes saved and ready to go the second I have the room...

    the long rectangular dining table

    6. And of course some gorgeous spindle-back dining chairs to seat everyone at your newly acquired stable. Charcuterie, anyone?

    the chairs in black

    7. A six-tier wooden plant stand because your house has a whole lot more space, which obviously equals a whole new set of plants. This will help you organize your lil' green babies in a stylish fashion.

    the wooden plant stand next to a couch

    8. A 40-piece household tool kit with everything from a ratcheting bit driver to four different sized precision screwdrivers so you can fix and build things around the house, no problem! Who even needs a super? Not you, you house-owner!

    the pink tool kit

    9. And maybe a large faux fern or two, because if we're being completely honest with ourselves, keeping up a whole house worth of plants is a tough job, and sometimes you've gotta cut yourself a little slack in the watering department.

    10. A diamond shag area rug to soften up all that brand-new hardwood flooring — or whatever hard flooring you're working with —in your new space.

    the area rug in white and grey diamond shapes

    11. A handheld showerhead with four settings, because even if you actually do have 99 problems as a new home owner, bad water pressure should absolutely NOT be one of them.

    the shower head

    12. A tabletop fire pit so you can take some time to decide if you really want the full-size version or can be satisfied with the occasional tabletop s'more in your new backyard.

    the tabletop firepit

    13. A toilet brush/plunger combo because the downside of owning a home is there's no one on call to help when the toilet is on the fritz...

    the black brush and plunger

    14. An intersecting cube wall shelf to ~frame~ your knickknacks, while also keeping them neatly stored for you. Talk about fashion meeting function! (Plus, hooray, you can drill holes in your walls now!)

    the intersecting wall shelf

    15. A pack of peel-and-stick backsplash tiles so you can create the kitchen of your dreams, without the nightmare that is hardcore home renovation.

    the backsplash in pink

    16. A hanging macrame hammock chair that yeah, maybe you would have been afraid to hang in your old apartment. But guess, what, that's YOUR ceiling now, and you are free to hang whatever you want — namely this super cool chair — from it.

    the macrame chair

    17. A three-pack of Command hooks because you will undoubtedly need these at some point. Seriously, they're just so handy.

    18. An all-purpose cleaner that smells like lavender and bergamot, so when you're doing that very first deep clean in your new home you don't have to deal with that lingering industrial cleaner smell.

    the everspring cleaning solution

    19. A convertible folding futon sofa because when you get a new place, regardless of its potential lack of guest bedrooms, friends and family are going to want to visit.

    20. A robot vacuum you can control from your phone because you're probably working with a lot more space than before, but that doesn't mean you suddenly have more time for chores. Solution? Robot vacuum.

    the shark vacuum

    21. And a steam mop — a new place deserves a new, much improved form of mopping! There's just something so indescribably great about freshly steamed floors...really makes you feel like you have your life together! (Even if you actually only have your floors together)

    the bissell steam cleaner

    22. A roll of tropical peel-and-stick wallpaper to turn any housing situation into your own personal oasis, without having to face your deep-seated fear of commitment. We'll deal with that later — right now, you've got a house to decorate!

    The wallpaper which is green and has tropical leaf patterns

    23. A tension shower rod because home ownership = adulthood, and adulthood = no longer precariously stacking every single shampoo and body wash on the edge of tub and just kind of hoping that it works out.

    the shower caddy with soaps and shampoos on it

    24. A smart lightbulb that you can control from an app so you won't even have to get out of your bed to turn the lights on or off (that makes a difference if you're dealing with a whole second floor now!). Bonus points because you can customize the color for a little touch of ~drama~ when you feel like it.

    the smart bulbs

    25. And a ~rope pendant statement lighting fixture~ to go along with your new lightbulbs to help you nail that styled-for-Architectural Digest look.

    the rope ceiling light

    26. A 2-foot long leveler for everything from shelves to giant picture frames, because they're your walls now, and you can put as many holes as you like in 'em!

    27. And a photo-hanging kit so you can really go ham with the framed art — maybe even a ~gallery~ wall? The ceiling's the limit!

    The gold hooks

    28. A bamboo bath tray for your brand new bathtub, because after all the stress of moving, you deserve an early 2000s rom-com tier bubble bath.

    the bath tray with a book, candles, a glass of wine, a phone and a towel on it over a full bathtub

    29. A chaise lounge because you now have the space for dramatic fainting spells (or just your run of the mill lounging) on this utterly stunning piece of furniture.

    the lounge in pink

    30. And finally, an inaugural scented candle to light once you've finished moving in! Let's toast, indeed — to your new place!

    the "Let's Toast" candle

    Happy housewarming!

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