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    This Pet Carrier Is Expandable, Airline-Approved, And Totally Transformed How I Travel With My Cat

    Ah yes, travelling with your cat: the great Zillenial pastime...

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    When my college roommate and I (very secretly) rescued a kitten whilst living in the dorms of our university, we knew he'd need to be a go-with-the-flow kind of cat. So just our luck, Fitzgerald grew up to be the most finicky feline of all time. In his youth, he was the star of San Francisco's public transport, always taking travel in stride. Then around his first birthday, he decided he'd rather never move again, and three years later, here I was needing to drive him across the state to my former roommate's new home.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    The Muni's 31 balboa was his personal favorite bus route...

    Thank the feline gods I found this amazing airline-approved expandable travel pet carrier! When I was getting ready to drive from California to Oregon with Fitzgerald, I was totally panicking over just how big a standard cat carrier would be, and just how little packing room I wanted to sacrifice for it. This ingeniously compact carrier gave Fitz and me both all the wiggle room we desired.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Although we weren't flying this time, Fitzgerald has traveled via plane many times, the jet setter that he is, and I can personally attest that this carrier would have been a game changer for our airport visits. But considering the pandemic and the heap of belongings I was helping to move, a classic cat and co-owner road trip seemed like the right move.

    We (the cat and I) were picking up my boyfriend on day two of our drive, so I needed a carrier that could give Fitzgerald room to stretch out in the passenger side while it was free, but not render my boyfriend seatless when the time came. The expandable sides on this carrier were *PURfect* for that!

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Of course, this purchase wasn't a complete cure-all for my travel-weary cat woes. Fitzgerald still took his time to very loudly complain about being in the car at all, let alone a carrier, for the first 15 or so minutes. But he looked cute as ever inside of his cozy accommodations, and soon he was a shockingly silent and seemingly satisfied passenger.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    We pulled into a pet-friendly hotel at the end of the night, and although Fitz was glad to stretch his legs, I definitely found him hanging around the carrier later in the evening.

    Day two of driving relegated Fitzgerald to the back of the car on top of all his co-owner's belongings, but he seemed pretty happy to suddenly have a view. It definitely didn't hurt that he got two more directions to stretch out towards (I cannot over-emphasize how great these expandable sides are).

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Look at that contented little road tripper!

    Finally, we reached our destination! Fitzgerald had the full run of the house again, and yet he still seemed content just to hang around his carrier.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Please excuse our holiday tree, we're undecided on which holiday to decorate for next.

    And Fitzgerald isn't the only cat who has been won over by his new carrier. Amazon reviewers overwhelmingly agree that this product is *so* helpful AND quite adorable to watch your pet pals use.,

    Promising review: "Our cat really, really likes this. We bought it because we had to travel for an upcoming 13+ hour drive (twice), and we wanted her to be comfortable. She was super comfortable and loved that she could stretch out and see everything all around. We actually took her out a few times to stretch her legs and she would climb back in herself after a few minutes. This is a change from her usual screaming as you put her into her plastic crate." —DydoDiem

    Plus, though it's certainly too small for my 6-month-old lab puppy, it works for cat-sized dogs as well!

    Promising review: "I bought this to pick up our 8-week-old Corgi in Oklahoma. What a beautiful carrier. I flew on American Airlines and it fit right under the seat! Ollie loves it. There is a small side pocket for a little bit of storage, a pee pee pad and maybe an article of clothing for the pup." —Amazon Customer

    Honestly, this carrier is ~versatile~ and any and all suitably sized animals will most certainly appreciate the expandable space!

    Promising review: "I bought this carrier for one of my three rabbits to take on safer car rides, but mostly to the vet. I like the many openings and the four sides that fold out. The removable padding makes for easy clean just remove the padding to wash it, or even just take a damp cloth to it if its not too bad; the thickness and sturdiness are just right for what I used it for. Happy and safe rabbit that already loved car rides. The photos show how comfy/content my rabbit was with the sides extended." —Brittany

    Fitzgerald still totally loves his carrier and likes to inspect it regularly, regardless of if he's going anywhere.

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Notice he completely ignores the traditional plastic carrier right next to him. Typical Fitz...

    Unfortunately for him, our 6-month-old puppy likes to inspect it as well...

    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Nobody tell him he's too big for it, it'll break his heart!

    If you have a small- to medium-sized pet of any kind and you're planning on traveling with them soon, or dreaming of a future where you could travel peacefully together, I highly recommend this fantastic pet carrier. Whether you're flying, driving, sailing, whatever method of transportation floats your boat, this carrier will keep you and your companion compact AND comfortable.

    The carrier expanded on the sides on the writer's floor
    Danica Creahan / BuzzFeed

    Get one for your furry friend on Amazon for $40.95+ (available in two sizes). Happy traveling!


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