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    20 Ingenious Travel Products From Target To Bring On Your Next Vacation

    I'm planning a big trip for the fall, and this is basically just my shopping list now.

    1. A weekender duffel bag so chic it'll make that two-day work trip you've been dreading feel a little more like that ~Parisian getaway~ you've been fantasizing about.

    the duffel bag in pale pink

    2. And a set of packing cubes to help you turn into the extremely organized and prepared packer we all aspire to be. Manifesting this for all of us...

    the blue packing cubes packed

    3. A pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones for when you need to tune out the rest of the world, or just that very adorable but also quite loud baby sitting behind you on the plane.

    a model wearing the headphones

    4. A pack of Starface pimple patches to save your trip after you develop that classic front and center forehead pimple on day two. These babies are genuinely so handy when you start feeling that sense of an impending breakout — and they look cute to boot!

    5. A pack of arch support inserts that I personally didn't even question purchasing and just added to my cart instantly. Me and my achy feet have big plans for these puppies on our next trip!

    the arch inserts

    6. A fold-out travel dopp kit that's a definite step up from that tote bag you've been tossing any and all of your toiletries into. Just hang this bad boy on the door, and bam! You're a real grown-up traveler.

    7. Or a slightly smaller dopp kit which includes refillable travel-sized bottles in case you're stuck flying — *shudders* — carry-on only. My thoughts go out to you and those liquid restrictions.

    8. A small carry-on bag designed to fit perfectly under an airplane seat for the professional light-packer (or the over-packer who desperately needs a second unofficial carry-on).

    the black carry-on bag

    9. A pair of acupressure wristbands that activate a pressure point in your wrist which has been said to help relieve nausea. So the next time you're on a boat (or more realistically, an excessively long car ride), you won't have to spend half the time doing that thing where you put your head between your knees.

    the seaband wristbands

    10. A mini square backpack to help you hold all your belongings hands-free without making you look or feel like you're a child on a spring break vacation with your family. The flashbacks I'm getting right now...

    a model wearing the black backpack

    11. A cooling eye mask made with gel beads that will alleviate that puffy, jet-lagged feeling that haunts you the morning after a long flight. Bonus points because it can also reduce the appearance of under-eye bags, so even if you weren't able to sleep on that red-eye flight you swore was a good idea, nobody (but you) will ever have to know...

    the green eye mask

    12. A hard-bodied mini case for that *extra* precious cargo, whatever it may be — aka jewelry, perfume, makeup. Bonus points because this little piece of luggage is just SO cute.

    13. A two-pack of knee-high compression socks because the only thing worse than being trapped on a plane for 8+ hours is the swollen ankles you develop right after you arrive at your destination. Please tell me I'm not the only one...

    the green and purple socks

    14. A small anti-theft belt bag with an organizer panel, slip pockets, and a tethered key clip with an LED light that looks a whole lot cuter than the bulky fanny pack I lugged around with me on my graduation trip to Spain. Whatever, it's fine, I'm not bitter at all.

    the belt bag in red

    15. A handheld digital luggage scale to help avoid that dreaded moment when your bag winds up being one pound over the limit and you have to choose between paying an absurd luggage fee or rifling through all your belongings in front of everyone behind you to see what you can shove into your personal item. The absolute horror.

    the luggage scale

    16. A refreshing travel kit with a satin eye mask, a satin travel pillowcase, ear plugs, a pack of antibacterial wet wipes, and a pack of travel tissues, all in one clear reusable zipper bag. So even if you didn't shell out the big bucks for one of those fancy airlines, you'll still feel like you did...sort of.

    the kit in its packaging listing the contents of the kit

    17. A contoured lumbar support pillow that you can use as a seat cushion, neck pillow, or even slot over a headrest — because sitting for five or more hours in a tiny plane or cramped car is incredibly uncomfy, and I'm tired of pretending it's not!

    the pillow

    18. An e.l.f. skincare travel kit that includes a calming balm, facial oil, primer, and a hydrating cream to keep your skin appeased even when you're off your usual routine.

    the contents of the kit

    19. A handheld steamer in case you (like me) still haven't mastered the art of folding and find everything you pull out of your suitcase in a varying state of disarray. No more running the hotel shower on hot with the dress you want to wear to dinner perched precariously close to the toilet to get those wrinkles out!

    the steamer

    20. An all-in-one international travel adapter with three outlets and USB port, because there's nothing worse than finally getting to your hotel after a 10+-hour flight and discovering that there's no way for you to charge your phone...trust me.

    the charger

    Safe travels!

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