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    27 Home Products From Amazon That Are As Practical As They Are Gorgeous

    Alexa, play "Gorgeous" by Taylor Swift.

    1. A set of three flameless LED candles that'll ensure your ~romantic evening~ never heats up too much...plus, bonus points for them being remote control-operated!

    2. A three-piece farmhouse style kitchen canister set because those bags of coffee beans and boxes of tea haphazardly stacked on your counter are *ruining* the hard-earned rustic aesthetic of your kitchen.

    the canister set

    3. An open storage shoe rack that personally changed my life when it arrived this past weekend. It's super narrow so it's great for tiny apartments like mine and isn't an eyesore like other basic shoe racks.

    4. A reed oil perfume diffuser to help freshen up your space in both look and smell.

    The reed oil diffuser

    5. A pair of mason jar wall sconces that bring beauty and light to otherwise plain walls. The elevated-DIY vibes will have everyone thinking you're a craft queen...they'll never have to know the truth.

    6. A pack of peel-and-stick tile backsplash for the renter who is ready to take the leap and make their space look the way they've always dreamed!

    7. A ceramic kitchen utensil holder because you'll be so surprised what a game-changer it is when every utensil has a place — and an adorable one at that!

    The utensil holder on a reviewer's kitchen counter

    8. A set of outdoor string lights to make any yard, no matter how overgrown or grungey, look like something straight out of a Pinterest wedding.

    9. A wicker papasan swivel chair that's just *begging* you to come curl up in it. Maximum coziness meets maximum cuteness — who among us doesn't dream of that combination?

    10. A three-tier tabletop fountain to help any space feel more like a spa. Ask your guests to speak in hushed tones and toss a robe on and bam, you've found your ~zen~ space.

    The water fountain

    11. A set of three floating shelves because your excess items or knick-knacks deserve to be displayed on your wall like the art that they are! These are perfect for helping you utilize empty wall space for much-needed storage.

    A reviewer's kitchen walls with the shelves installed

    12. An air purifier with a fragrance sponge to help clean and cleanse your space without disrupting the ~vibes~.

    13. A stainless steel stick-on shower caddy because our college days are long behind us, so it's time to move beyond that $7 plastic portable caddy that you have to take in and out of the shower every time. I bought these for my own shower and I truly can't oversell their greatness!

    The shower caddy in black on a reviewer's bathroom wall

    14. A fruit infusion water pitcher to elevate your at-home hydration game. Plus, this baby looks simply beautiful on a kitchen table!

    15. A five-tier bookshelf that will help make your book hoarding look *super* organized and aesthetically pleasing. They'll look so good, no one will ever have to know how truly out of control your TBR pile is...

    The bookshelf

    16. A set of three silicone trivet mats to protect your surfaces and look daintily beautiful while they do it.

    The trivets in dark blue on a reviewer's countertop

    17. A cotton ruffled shower curtain that looks like it was taken from an old world theatre and will bring a touch of shabby chic ~elegance~ to your bathroom.

    the shower curtain in a reviewer's bathroom

    18. A wood-topped kitchen cart because who doesn't desperately need more counter space? Plus, this gets bonus points for mobility — you can wheel it wherever you need it, and lock the wheels so it doesn't move once it's there.

    19. A three-tier hanging basket that'll render that overlooked, overcrowded fruit bowl in the back corner of your kitchen completely obsolete and let your beautiful produce be displayed as it should be.

    20. An electric adjustable height standing desk because after (makes shocked face at calendar) over two years of working from home, you know you need this.

    21. A roll of waterproof stick-on marble countertop contact paper that will make you feel like you have brand new countertops for a mere fraction of the cost of, you know, actually getting brand new countertops. And who doesn't love a home renovation item that is *so* renter-friendly!

    22. An 11-drawer, clear countertop makeup organizer to save precious space *and* massive headaches. No more digging frantically through that one catch-all drawer in your bathroom on the hunt for that one eyeliner you absolutely need.

    23. A dining room cupboard with two cabinets and room for nine wine bottles that can serve as anything from a coffee station to a liquor cabinet and look *so* cute either way.

    The cabinet

    24. A one-gallon glass beverage dispenser with a stainless steel spigot to make every day at your place feel like a fancy catered garden party.

    Reviewer's picture of the large mason jar-like dispenser

    25. A striped table runner so that any feast you host will look effortlessly put together.

    26. A metal and glass floor lamp with a built-in side table to solve two problems with one stylish piece of furniture. Let there be light (and somewhere to set my coffee down)!

    27. A waterproof nonslip kitchen rug set that'll keep your feet cozy and supported during all those late-night baking/ dish-washing sessions.

    The matts in a reviewer's kitchen

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