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    31 Gorgeous Dresses From Walmart That Just Might Become Your New Go-To

    Here comes the sun, and subsequently, the sundresses.

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A floral fit and flare dress to make you feel like Allie from The Notebook. I can't promise you a white house with blue shutters but I can promise you'll receive TONS of compliments.

    a model wearing the dress in beige

    2. A Dolman sleeve midi dress with an immaculate elegance that is sure to catch everyone's attention when you grace the room with your presence.

    a model wearing the dress in green

    3. A spaghetti strap maxi dress that features — get this — pockets! It'll definitely take a dress as cute as this one to coax me out of my current go-to sweatpants...

    model wearing the dress in yellow

    4. A cheetah print sweater dress if you're looking to take a walk on the wild (and cozy) side. This statement dress will make sure you stand out but stay comfortable your whole day.

    model wearing the cheetah print sweater dress

    5. A flowy sleeve square neck mini dress to sprinkle some casual royalty vibes on those days when you need a little extra pep in your step.

    6. A V-neck tunic dress which I think my cartoon character-self would 100% choose as my everyday outfit. Think about it — this piece could be dressed up or down, and is just cute enough to get away with being worn basically everywhere.

    7. An elegant chiffon gown that would make a perfect go-to wedding-guest dress if you've got a seemingly endless amount of pandemic-makeup weddings on your calendar in the coming months.

    8. Or a shorter sleeveless chiffon dress so you can look glamorous without breaking a sweat for those summer weddings taking place in more rustic locations. Barn? Meadow? Cliffside? You might want to go for the shorter cut.

    a model wearing the dress in pink

    9. A long-sleeve sundress in case the weather where you live hasn't kept pace with your desire to shed all those layers of coats and sweaters. This long sleeve dress makes a stylish compromise with Mother Nature.

    a model wearing the dress in green

    10. A puff shoulder midi dress perfect for strolling down a picturesque side street in Paris this summer. Does adding this to my cart count as manifestation?

    11. A denim jacket dress that screams ~coolest person in the room~ louder than every other piece on this list. I don't know where you're wearing this one, but I do know heads will be *turning* wherever you go.

    12. A ruched mini dress *so ready* for your next FNO (that's a Friends Night Out™ for the uninformed). Go have the night of your life in this trendy and gorg dress!

    13. A ruffled mini sundress that's simple enough to work for practically any occasion while still being super stylish.

    a model wearing the dress in yellow

    14. A ruffle strap midi dress ready to be worn on a yacht off the Amalfi Coast during a cinematic masterpiece of a travel montage. Or, I guess wearing it to brunch could work too...

    15. A slip dress with major ~main character energy~ for the next time you'd like to be the *star* of your afternoon coffee run.

    16. A button-down maxi dress that I think would be one of the few redeemably cool pieces hanging in Carrie Bradshaw's closet these days. Can't you just picture her tragically pairing this piece with a ~dramatic~ headpiece for a casual lunch outing?

    17. A blouse dress so chic I firmly believe it should be the first image to come up when you look up "business casual."

    a model wearing the blouse dress combo

    18. A square-neck puff-sleeve dress perfect for frolicking through a meadow this summer, or a beach if that's more your thing... the point is this frock was made for frolicking!

    a model wearing the dress in light green

    19. A square-neck A-line dress if, like me, you're still hung up on the second season of Bridgerton and need to channel that energy into your wardrobe.

    a model wearing the dress in green

    20. A tiered smock dress so you can look like a snack AND the picnic blanket you're eat on all at once.

    21. A beautiful beaded ruffle sleeve gown that makes me wish I'd actually gone to my high school prom *and* that I'd had this dress to wear to it. Adult proms are a thing, right? Maybe I should add this to my cart just to be safe...

    22. A belted eyelet mini dress to add a dash of color to your wardrobe now that spring has officially sprung.

    a model wearing the dress in pink

    23. A maxi wrap dress basic enough to toss on with just about anything but still cute enough to stay firmly away from ever being boring.

    a model wearing the dress in baby blue

    24. A smocked mini dress that looks almost as ready for an afternoon at a picturesque winery as I am!

    a model wearing the dress in green

    25. A knit eyelet sleeve mini dress simply *begging* to be worn everywhere all spring. Happy hour with friends? This dress. Insta-worthy picnic in the park? This dress. Staying in and stylishly lounging? This. Dress.

    26. A button-up sweater dress with strong ~That Girl~ vibes. No early rising, green juice or journaling required, just toss on this dress, and voila!

    27. A tie-waist T-shirt dress cute enough to justify consistent outfit repeating AND cozy enough to nap in when necessary — two of my biggest priorities when it comes to dress shopping.

    a model wearing the dress in lavender

    28. A strapless mini dress that works as everything from a swimsuit cover-up to a quick throw-on-and-go-out dress — AKA, a vacation essential.

    a model wearing the dress in navy

    29. A boho beach dress basically begging to be worn on a movie montageworthy beach date this summer.

    a model wearing the white flowy dress

    30. A T-shirt dress giving me strong summer 2016 vibes. And I don't know about you, but that is the exact energy I'd like to manifest for summer 2022...

    a model wearing the dress in black and white stripes

    31. And a ruched midi dress that's certain to steal the show regardless of where you wear it. I mean, just look at that side slit!! So elegant.

    Happy shopping!

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