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    Creativity Is Our Only Upper Hand Against Robots

    robots and human creativity

    Creativity Is Our Only Upper Hand Against Robots

    It’s no secret that automation is the current trend in the workforce. Automation with AI, autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, and so many other advancements that are gradually putting robots in place of humans.

    This will have much benefits on manufacturing companies for sure -- companies will attain a certain level of perfection, cut down expenditures as a result of reduced wages, and properly manage the affairs of their company.

    On humanity, this will also have its benefits as the advancements, like that of the Autonomous Vehicles, will, to some extent, reduce the rate of accidents and loss of lives due to human-caused accidents.

    Despite all these benefits, however, a certain level of negative changes are bound to be experienced, and a major change that is inevitable is the automation of certain jobs that will, in turn, render a large populace jobless.

    The thought of this, alone, have raised a call to alarm as the particular fields to be automated is not certain. Some predictions have been made, though, by the University of Oxford, which stated that amongst some select occupations, Loan Officers are the most automatable with a 98% probability of automation.

    After the prediction, three major fields were proven to be the least automatable. One of these three fields is Creativity, which covers occupations like Choreographers, Art directors, and Curators.

    This simply means that, every field, except fields that require special social and creative skills, is highly automatable.

    At this rate, other than focusing on degrees and certain career fields, it’s important for every human to tap into their creativity juice to discover solutions to new problems, products and services that’ll add value to the society, and advancements that’ll further control and enhance the way the machines operate.

    Every field always have sectors that’ll always do with a little advancement. Just as numerous auto transport services emerged to make the auto transportation industry more attractive, comfortable and user friendly.

    The automation innovation won't be any different. Though many jobs will be lost, numerous opportunities will be created. However, only individuals who stay abreast of this innovation and take note of the likely changes to be experienced will reap the most benefit off of this innovation.

    The world, this digital age, or better still, this internet age have come way past the point of following the same old, strict approach of education-to-employment-to-work.

    Ideas are key. Individuals with the ability to creatively come up with new ideas, advance old ideas and create products and services that meet human needs stand more chances of succeeding in this era.

    Hence, other than just reading about this automation innovation, tap into your creativity juice to discover ways to remain relevant, even if the robot lays threats your current career.

    Like it’s said, everything often works out in the end for people who never let the fear of the unknown control them, but instead take the best approaches forward to withstand whatever curveball life throws.

    There’s no certainty as to whether the automation will bring forth more negative or positive changes. It’s certain, however, that there will be lots of opportunities and that creative individuals will rule the day. Depend more on your creative ability today to enjoy the automation of tomorrow.