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13 Weird Road-Trip Snack Combos That People Swear By

If putting hot sauce on cheese curls is wrong, we don't want to be right.

1. A cold breakfast pastry with a schmear of creamy peanut butter.

2. A handful of corn chips plus a tub of cream cheese.

3. Wavy photos chips and a pint of ice cream.

4. A bottle of refreshing cola with a handful of peanuts in the soda.

5. Peanut butter and pickles straight out of the jar.

6. Nacho-flavored tortilla chips with a little cup of ranch dressing.

7. A traditional snack mix, washed down with some chocolate milk.

8. Cheese curls with a sprinkle of hot sauce.

9. Crackers with peanut butter and cheese.

10. Popcorn mixed with any chocolaty candy.

11. Mini pretzels with a little packet of mustard for dipping.

12. Peanut butter pretzel nuggets mixed with cheese-flavored crackers.

13. Dried fruit and a tub of hummus.