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10 Instagram Accounts To Take Your Mind Off Of Whatever You're Mad About Right Now

Because some days, your brain needs a break from the dumpster fire of the internet.

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The following is adapted from “Unfriendly: 105 Things to Do Today Instead of Being an Asshole on the Internet.”

1. @breadfaceblog

It’s a woman who smooshes her face across pieces of bread.

2. @klodid

Children and babies being beautiful.

3. @dearbeta

This black and white Frenchie yawns and chills and looks at things.

4. @idafrosk

The most adorable plates of food that you’ll barely think about eating.

5. @pudgethecat

This cat is thinking sarcastic thoughts while sitting in the wrong things.

6. @baddiewinkle

This woman is nearing 100, and she wears tie-dye and shirts with swear words.

7. @jeremyveach

Because I know you love a pug.

8. @thatlookslikeasnatch

Things everywhere look like vaginas.

9. @kiirotoys

Toys so cute you’ll want to hug them, but you can’t because they’re sooo little.

10. @cashcats

Cats and money.

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