I Have Something To Say About Season Four Of "Veronica Mars": It Sucked

    I'm just gonna pretend that there's no more Veronica Mars after the movie.

    BTW, this post is full of Veronica Mars spoilers.

    Veronica Mars is easily one of the greatest shows to come out of the CW.

    Sooo... let's start at the ending of season four of Veronica Mars...

    So for some reason, they waited until the last few minutes of the season finale to kill him off?!?!?!

    The worst part is, Logan's character growth over the years was massive and he finally was in a good place.

    Logan was a main character, and should have been given WAY more time in the finale.

    And his reasoning is pretty lame, at best.

    Fans have loved and pushed for the Veronica and Logan storyline for years and it would have been great to see LoVe continue to work through their problems and grow together.

    Logan, sweetie, I'm so sorry!