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Drag Queens And Adoptable Dogs In One Calendar? Oh Yes.

Fierce and Furry from Morris Animal Refuge shows off Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent with some help from Philly Drag Mafia

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My coworker Liberty and I had gone out for drinks after a long day at work at Morris Animal Refuge. As a recent graduate, or maybe just a socially inept human being, I set my notebook and pen down in front of me.

"Are you going to take meeting notes… at the bar?" Liberty asked me, judging me from behind a frosty glass.

"Well, I don’t know," I responded defensively, picking at a basket of tater tots. "Never know when an idea is going to come up."

After a while of chatting about work, Liberty gestured wildly with her hands. "You know, I always wanted to create a calendar for Morris." As the Development Manager, Liberty has a lot on her plate. I was recently brought on as the Events Coordinator, and I wanted a project. Destiny.

Liberty continued, "The dream would be having a calendar with dogs and drag queens. We could call it 'Drag Queens and Dog Kings,' and–"

"Yes, absolutely." I clicked my pen.

The Queens are from Philly Drag Mafia

I immediately reached out to Tabu, a sports bar in Philly, whose shows are AMAZING. Ian Morrison, or Brittany Lynn (head of the Philly Drag Mafia!), replied the next day to my overly enthusiastic email. To my delight, the email I received back was equally enthusiastic.


Hey Dana!
It's Ian aka Brittany Lynn and just got your email about the calendar! I'm the social media director at Tabu and can totally help make this happen! Let's chat!!!!


The girls of Philly Drag Mafia are all about community-serving several major charities every year. Brittany Lynn was recently awarded Community Hero by the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund (DVLF) with the most charity nominations in DVLF history.

In addition to their charitable work, they could not have been nicer the day of the shoot. It was really awesome seeing how much fun everyone had, both the dogs and the people! The hero of the day was truly Omyra Lynn (Miss October); she dealt with the most energetic dog with the lowest attention span.

I kept giving Omyra scraps of turkey to get the dog Chloe to pay attention. Her hands were covered in turkey and sauce. At one point, we had to stop shooting for a little while; we were doubled over laughing while cleaning her hands off.

The Calendar is a Message from Morris Animal Refuge about Acceptance

To talk about the calendar's purpose, it is important to talk about the shelter's mission:

Founded in 1874, the Morris Animal Refuge is America's First Animal Shelter. We are committed to adoption, education, and high-quality care, and as an open-admission shelter, we have never turned an animal away.

Working in a shelter, the question you hear the most often is, "Are you a no-kill shelter?" Whenever someone asks me that question, I try to explain what it means to be "no-kill," or limited-admission.

"No-kill" or limited-admission shelters only take in what they deem to be adoptable animals. The waiting list to get an animal into one of these shelters can be extremely long. Animals that are too old, too unhealthy, too aggressive or fearful are often not accepted. These animals come to us.

Morris Animal Refuge is an open-admission shelter. No matter the age, breed, temperament, or health of an animal, we take them in on the spot. We accept any and every animal, and we do everything we can for them. When we are full, we set up cages in offices and reach out to foster families. We have not put down an animal for space in over five years, and it is a proud fact that we hope to uphold for years to come.

If all shelters were no-kill, sick and old animals would be left on the street. Yes, we have to make tough decisions. We act out of love for every animal that comes into our care.

Everyone Deserves Love

I personally think this calendar is so beautiful and so powerful, because it reflects our mission. Our doors and our hearts are open. We treat our animals like how we should be treating our people - with love and acceptance. Everyone deserves a chance.

Especially with the current political climate, Liberty and I, and the rest of the family at Morris, want to show that everyone is deserving of love. Everyone, every human and every animal, should be taken care of and cherished in every way.

Animals are not capable of hate or judgment. My dogs have gotten me through some difficult times throughout my life, and the same is true for everyone that has owned an animal.

The proceeds of Fierce and Furry benefit Morris Animal Refuge to ensure that our animals receive the best of care and can be placed into forever homes where they can change someone's life.

To order your calendar, please visit the Morris Animal Refuge website

Visit our website to get your Fierce and Furry calendar. 100% of proceeds benefit Morris Animal Refuge. Order by December 8th, and have it shipped to your house by December 23rd!

And check out our FaceBook Page as well as our Twitter, and be sure your share your stories of love and acceptance #showyourlove

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