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Lady Gaga Fans Are Convinced Beyoncé Is Performing At The Super Bowl

This Instagram photo *is* pretty suspect.

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OK, so you probably already know Lady Gaga is performing at the Super Bowl

The halftime show, to be exact

CBS / Via

But ya'll also know Mother Monster does not PLAY when it comes to live performances

Tumblr / Via

And people are quite honestly losing their shit about what she has planned

Me: I hate football! *Gaga is doing the 51st Super Bowl Halftime show* Also me:

KingLadyGaga/Twitter / Via Twitter: @KingLadyGaga

Now, her fans think she's planning an appearance from BEYONCE, a.k.a. the literal queen of surprises

All because she captioned this Instagram photo with a bee emoji

Lady Gaga/Instagram / Via

"Houston, you are beautiful. 🐝"

Which is basically Bey's calling card

FanPop / Via

The two collaborated waaaay back in 2010 on a little song called "Telephone"

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And Bey is pretty familiar with the Super Bowl stage

Tumblr / Via

She performed in 2013 and 2016, and it was ICONIC.

As far as we know, the collab is just a little bit of internet tea

VH1 / Via

But hey, a girl can dream

Hulu / Via
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