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    Glee Flashback: Best Of Instagram On Set Archives

    Picture this: it's a Tuesday night in 2011... you tune into Fox and your eyes are glued to the TV. You are bursting with adrenaline as you hear "and thats what you missed on Glee!" Life is good. Reminisce with nostalgia from the cast's Instagram accounts while they were actually in the process of filming Glee. Enjoy, Gleeks!

    Before it all began...

    On Set Shenanigans:

    When things were as they should be:

    Obama 2012 Election Party with the cast and creator Ryan Murphy

    Behind the scenes:

    Filming the 100th episode:

    Remembering Cory: The Quarterback

    Friends off the set:

    When they all dressed up as Looney Tunes for Halloween

    The Last days of Glee: