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    17 Of The Most Iconic "Desperate Housewives" Moments That'll Make You Laugh All Over Again

    "No, I cannot kill you today. I have pilates."

    1. When Edie Britt died just as she lived.


    Couldn't have said it better myself. Maybe she's haunting Susan now?

    2. When Gaby cited the constitution to prove her point.


    Gaby can get political when she needs to.

    3. When Brie made her priorities clear. Sorry Karen.


    Fitness comes first.

    4. When Zack kissed Gaby and she had to put him in his place.

    ABC / Via Twitter: @DHnocontext

    Probably the single most important line of the entire series.

    5. Basically just everything Edie Britt ever said.


    She always knew what she wanted.

    6. When Gaby revealed the key to happiness.


    Sister Mary really tried it. Most iconic feud of all time.

    7. When Renee really knew how to get to the point.

    ABC / Via

    She always said how she felt.

    8. When Edie knew her identity and owned it.


    Is this not how everyone greets their new neighbors?

    9. When Gaby maxed out John's credit card and he expected her to sacrifice.



    10. Honestly, Edie never disappointed.


    Edie died way too soon.

    11. When Gaby had to make some threats.


    Did anyone not hate Sister Mary?

    12. And when she was oh so humble.


    Gabrielle Solis is the most iconic character to ever exist.

    13. When Edie knew where she belonged.


    Well, she's not wrong.

    14. This incredibly pure moment.


    15. When Gaby celebrated mental health.


    We love a mental health advocate.

    16. Every scene with Edie vs. Susan.

    ABC / Via Twitter: @dhnocontext


    17. But really, they were the best part of the show.



    Honestly, Desperate Housewives was one of the best shows ever written. You can't change my mind.

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