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    My 10 Favorite Couples Who Used To Go Out

    If you're like me you've spent hours of your life thinking about the love lives of your favorite celebrities. Unfortunately, not all young love lasts but lucky for us photos on the internet are forever.

    Brody Jenner & Avril Lavigne, 2011

    David Moscow & Kerry Washington, 2004 - 2007

    John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston, 2009

    Rachel Leigh Cook & Shane West, 2000

    Anjelica Huston & Jack Nicholson, 1973 - 1990(?)

    Brad Pitt & Christina Applegate, 1989

    Nick Cannon & Kim Kardashian, 2006

    Connie Britton & Nathan Fillion, 1997

    Will Friedle & Jennifer Love Hewitt, 1997

    Kirsten Dunst & Jake Gyllenhaal, 2003