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    Visionary musical artist Caesar Osiris on protecting the planet

    “My mission as an artist now is to inspire my audience to take action towards saving the planet.”

    Between recording sessions at the Henson studios, Caesar Osiris finds an hour to relax over drinks at Republique, and talk about the passion that drives his music creation. For Caesar, great music has to be more than a fine rhythm.

    “Making music is catharsis.” Dressed in casual jeans, a trademark tropical print shirt and glasses, Caesar Osiris off-camera looks the part of a dynamic young movie director. “For the musician and for the listener, music exists to free us from harmful energies, to enchant us with rhythm and liberate the body to dance.”

    It’s a philosophy of creativity that grows from Caesar’s Puerto Rican heritage. Born in 1991 into a French-Italian-Dominican family, Caesar learned from the Puerto Rico’s rich culture of music and art. The island also gave the young Caesar his first success as an actor in commercials and movies. It’s also where he learned to make art that speaks in many languages.

    “For Màs Alla, I composed the music, wrote the lyrics and made the video. If the vision of the music is to be truly realised, it’s important to control all these levels.”

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    Más Allá (Beyond) is Caesar’s follow up single to his 2017 debut “Saved by the Music”, and is touching down in the West coast music scene as the bilingual hit of the summer. But Caesar’s creative energy is driven by more than popular success. He wants his electrifying sounds to keep the audience grooving for a cause!

    “The song is an ode to the healing life force of water. We see everyday the pollution of our oceans with plastics, and the toll on other life. So many of us feel great sadness and powerlessness in the face of such terrible pollution. With music I show the listener that the power to change always rests in the energy of our own soul.”

    Collaboration is a powerful key to creativity, and for Más Allá, Caesar worked with renowned producer Leo Salom, founder of Italian label Ragalore records. Salom’s blooming career in music production includes work with Katana sounds, placing him at the heart of the new Deep Future and Tropical House scene.

    In conversation, it’s clear that lyricism is wired into Caesar Osiris’ soul. “Más Allá’s lyrics express how crucial it is to have compassion and respect for the oceans, and to dedicate ourselves to keeping them free of plastic trash and other toxic pollution.”

    The single is paired with an original music video directed by Caesar, who in a short career has already defined himself as an artist as comfortable with visual media as with music. Caesar’s visual style is in high demand for music videos, short films, national campaigns, and commercials.

    The colors and emotional feel of Más Allá’s music video speak to the artist's unique creative vision, and add a powerful visual story to the song's ocean theme. The creation of this video has lead Caesar to begin working on an environmental documentary and his directorial debut feature film.

    “My mission as an artist now is to inspire my audience to take action towards saving the planet.”

    It’s a mission we should wish Caesar Osiris all power to succeed at.

    About Caesar Osiris

    Caesar Osiris is a singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Hailing from the islands of Puerto Rico, Caesar has worked in numerous television programs, commercials, feature films, musicals, and cultural events. His unique vision has led him to build a career in directing music videos, short films, national campaigns, and commercials.

    Caesar’s latest release, "Más Allá," follows the success of his 2017 debut single, "Saved by the Music." Through his art, Caesar seeks to inspire his audience to take action towards protecting the planet.

    Listen to "Más Allá" on Spotify or Apple Music.

    Watch the Más Allá music video at the artists official website: