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The Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay Drinking Game!

Everyone loves him, but everyone's out to get him, too! This guy is almost unstoppable! But not always unexpected in how the gameplay works out.

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Take a drink when...

- he uses pomegranate molasses and/or seeds

- Calabrian or fresno chiles are involved

- tangerine juice is used

- he "reinvents" a dish

- he wins a dessert challenge

- he loses a Southwestern dish challenge

- blue corn tortillas are involved

- he burns bread in the salamander

- he takes a drink (two if it's not bourbon)

- he goes up against a friend and/or colleague

- he mentions his cat Nacho (double)

- he utilizes Mexican chocolate

- it seems like he may have slept with a judge

- he puts his glasses on

- a judge hides or moves an ingredient or part of his dish

- he looks hungover

- he looks annoyed at a critique on salt by judges

- he makes rice crispy

- he drops the mic (the peppermill)

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