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    7 Misconceptions About Introverts

    Introverts get a bad rep. Shy. Socially awkward. Weird. "That odd one in the corner".

    1. Introverts are boring

    2 heads, one extrovert with the word "idea" around it, the other introvert with the word "idea" inside it.
    Grayden Kurtz / Via The Lancer Feed /

    Not all. Granted, some. But some extroverts are boring. Actually- some human beings are boring. Extroverts process their thoughts and decisions by speaking. Introverts do it in their heads. Some introverts have a really complex inner world and can find themselves getting lost in it for... a while.

    2. Introverts hate socialising

    An introvert making friends with a cat at a party.
    Gemma Correll / Via Introvert Dear /

    Actually, we (sometimes) like parties. Introverts prefer to go to gatherings that we know bring us joy, which tend to be smaller and more intimate. Bonus if there are pets we can make friends with.

    3. Introverts are shy

    An introvert dictionary with typical words associated with an introvert and their alternative meanings (eg: bookworm = educated).
    Introvert Doodles / Via Well Pool /

    Correction: not all introverts are shy. Shyness and introversion are two separate traits. Shyness is the fear of social disapproval, rejection, and humiliation, introversion is how you gain and lose energy. You can be a shy or confident introvert. You can also be a shy extrovert.

    4. Introverts don't need people

    The amazing qualities introverts can bring to a friendship: loyalty, authenticity, listening
    Introvert Doodles / Via Quiet Revolution /

    We're humans. Humans thrive off connection. Being an introvert is not synonymous with being anti-social. Instead, lot of people for a long period of time drain our energy. Knowing how to reenergise is key to avoiding the "introvert hangover" (yes, it exists).

    5. Introvert's secret desire is to become extroverted

    Two colourful bugs on a stick under the words "When two introverts meet and ironically act like extroverts with each other".
    Introverts Are Us / Via Our Mindful Life /

    Introversion is not something that needs to be "fixed". In fact, introversion-extroversion is a scale upon which most people fall, sometimes more towards one end than the other. You can be 65% introverted or only 33%. We move up and down the scale depending on the situation.

    6. Introverts are not team players

    An introvert in a meeting with a low battery sign above them, next to extroverts who have a full battery sign above them.
    Syed Mahmood Naqvi / Via MBE For You /

    Introverts are some of the most loyal people you'll come across. Our desire to connect with people on a deeper level means we are excellent team players. We also need some time alone to think through problems. That chatty colleague who doesn't stop talking? They are our worst nightmare.

    7. Introverts don’t have many emotions

    An otter behind glass putting its paw through a small hole to hold the hand of a human.
    Monogramscorner / Via Bored Panda /

    Definitely not true. Some introverts don't necessarily show all of their emotions in the typical sense, but may instead show they care in other ways (like a complimentary email after you've killed a meeting). Introverts have a lower threshold for emotional reactivity, so it's actually easier to elicit an emotional reaction from them.

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