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20 Passwords We've All Used At Some Point In Our Lives

Sure, using your crush’s address as a password was weird, but at least it was better than 123456 — or was it? Cyber Aware can give you simple password advice so you stay secure online.

1. Your mother's maiden name.

2. Your favourite pet's name.

3. A dead pet's name, possibly a goldfish you had at age 9 that you'd have forgotten all about if you didn't use it as a password.

4. Your girlfriend or boyfriend's full name with raNdOm CaPiTaL leTteRs.

5. A town you went to on holiday years ago.

6. Your date of birth (which is probably also your phone's unlock code).

7. The name of that terrible band you loved when you were 12...

8. ...and the name of the lead singer of that band, with "<3" at the end.

9. The address of your childhood home.

10. The address of your current home.

11. The address of the person you have a crush on, who would be very alarmed to find out that a) you know their address and b) also use it as a password.

12. The word "password", with an @ instead of the "A".

13. Something really childish, possibly involving the word "butt".

14. 123456789.

15. A friend's number that you memorised before smartphones were a thing.

16. Your most enduring celebrity crush.

17. An iconic '00s catchphrase, e.g. "WHASSSUP".

18. The slightly ridiculous nickname you gave your first car.

19. The first two things you see when it asks you to change your password, like "ComputerPassword".

20. And finally, all of the above, but with added random_ underscores_ that_ you_ can_ never_ keep_ track_ of.

How many of these passwords have you had? Make sure the password for your most important account, such as your email, is strong (we recommend three random words) and separate from all the other passwords you have, as it is often the gateway to other accounts and information about you. Ensure you’re up to date with your cybersecurity and check out the Cyber Aware website for advice on simple ways to be more secure online.

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