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10 Deals In The CVS Beauty Sale To Upgrade Your Entire Routine

Hear that?👂🏾It’s the sound of your beauty collection thanking you in advance. 💄💋

The Epic Beauty Event is here, which means it's the perfect time to upgrade your beauty routine with cult favorites you haven't tried before but have eyes on AND new grabs that definitely deserve a spot in your makeup and skincare collections.

Pssst... You'll also get a FREE $10 gift card when you spend $25 on select Beauty & Wellness products marked in the sale. 💄💋 That said, ahead you'll find some of the best deals in the CVS Epic Beauty Event that'll turn your beauty routine up a few more notches.

1. BOGO 50% off Maybelline products that'll be perfect for makeup newbies.

2. BOGO 40% off Garnier SkinActive products to keep your skin soft and healthy — whether you're wearing makeup or not.

3. BOGO 50% off L'Oreal Paris products that'll be super helpful for the seasoned makeup lovers and anyone wanting to experiment.

4. BOGO 50% off Wet 'n' Wild products for makeup lovers who live for bold colors and shimmer.

5. 30% off Urban Skin Rx products to keep skin healthy and help improve hyperpigmentation caused by acne.

6. 30% off Burt's Bees products for anyone who loves simple skincare and minimal, easy-to-use makeup.

7. 30% off CeraVe products that'll be lovely for all skin types but will serve as an especially appropriate selection for those with skin sensitivities.

8. BOGO 40% off Neutrogena products to help keep your skin feeling great underneath makeup.

9. $4 of ExtraBucks Rewards with a $12 purchase of KISS eyelash products so you can achieve those princess-level whispies in minutes.

10. 30% off Nivea products for full-body skincare including body wash, lotions, and more.

Looking for something different to add to your routine? Check out the entire CVS Epic Beauty Event to find your new fave.

Also, remember you'll get a FREE $10 gift card when you spend $25 on select Beauty & Wellness products that are specifically marked for it in the sale. Happy shopping!💄💋

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