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    Here's Why Tom & Giovanna Fletcher Should Be All Of Your Relationship Goals

    "If this is love, love is easy."

    This is Tom Fletcher.

    He rose to fame in the UK with his band McFly.

    Not only is he an incredible singer and songwriter...

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    He is also a pizza enthusiast.

    As well as being a lover of Netflix.

    He and his wife Giovanna have been been married for 3 years.

    They met at the age of 13 while they were in school together.

    You may be familiar with his super adorable wedding speech.

    View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

    All of the lyrics were set to the music of McFly songs.

    Together their voices are pure magic which make for some 'aww'-worthy moments.

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    In October 2013, the couple announced that they were having a baby!

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    Of course it was done in the cutest way possible!

    It only got more adorable from there.

    View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

    Their son Buzz was born in March 2014.

    The family has steadily continued to take a plethora of super cute selfies together.

    Did I mention they take super cute selfies?

    I don't know if you've heard but they take super cute selfies.

    Basically, Tom and Giovanna should be all of your relationship goals.

    ***sobs quietly due to cuteness overload***

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