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Leadership Takeaways

C Velasco LDR 2010

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My Name is Christian Velasco. My first impression of leadership before I took LDR was someone who took responsibility where they needed to and did not need someone to tell them to do it. That was what made my transition to see leadership in a different aspect difficult in this class. My old view on leadership has been modified heavily because the class has expanded so much more on different properties of leaders. By simply believing what I perceived as a leader cheated mean out of learning more about this debatable subject.

Values and Takeaways

I discovered 4 core values that defined me in the aspect of leadership. They are as follows: Honest, Respect, Driven, Courageous. Being honest is putting the information where it needs to be when it needs to. This shows up in my leadership style when the groups I participate in can rely on the information I have provided. Respect is when you acknowledge someone else may know something better or be able to improve something I did. This shows up in my leadership when someone attempts to improve my current work and I do not take it offensively. Driven to me is having a reason why someone is doing something. A example, of this is being driven to earn a high GPA. Courageous is not being afraid to attempt new things when there is a belief that it could improve upon whats being done. I apply this in my leadership when I see that something I am doing is not the best way to execute my desired result.

1.) I will be more Inclusive

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This was one of my takeaways from class because my image speaks for its self. To make the best possible goal as a group, there needs to be the feeling that everyone is contributing and feels as if they are wanted in the group.

2.) I will focus more on change

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In this course we discussed change but simply just saying this would do our class an injustice. Instead we talked about the fundamentals of change and how it happens. I plan to takeaway the fact of knowing what change really is and applying it the correct away to adjust to new things I believe will improve my life.

3.) 5 steps in group formation


I loved this information from the book because group formation seems so simple to the naked eye. After learning this I enjoyed and will apply the 5 steps every group face when forming. Some example of this include the stage of why the group forms, followed by after why problems may start to separate the group. By knowing this information, you will save yourself and others a lot of headaches when working in groups.

4.) Understanding that honesty allows for progress

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This was a takeaway from a fun game in class. We were put into groups all playing a game involving holding what signs our group should show our teacher to signify points. For example if 3 groups held up the number 3 but one group held the number 1, according to the rules the group who held the number 1 by themselves may get points. Well during the game a leader was chosen to discuss with other groups outside the class. They would agree on what they will hold to get points. A lesson was that when one group did not do as they said, it set up the rest of the game for failure. No one could trust each other and many points were lost that could of been won. So my takeaway is that honesty can lead to more progress with others.

5.) Leadership come in many forms

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My biggest takeaway from this class personally was that leadership does not one set way of portraying itself. Based on all the different people in class and their perspectives, I can clearly see that everyone has their own way of being a leader, and ignoring that would mean cheating yourself from the potential to learn and grow.


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I have learned quite a bit about both leadership and about being a better person in LDR 2010. From this point on I will no longer set in stone my mind on what makes a good leader. Instead I will pay attention to what others are doing around me, see how they are being leaders, and then make judgments if I agree or disagree. From this point forward, others can expect someone who when taking the leadership role, can expect a more understanding and trust worthy leader to achieve the common goal that brought us together.

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