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10 Animals That Will Always Be Fun-Sized

Great things come in small packages, and the best ones stay that way! Just like Cuties Clementines, these animals will forever be cute and sweet.

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1. This adorable monkey who's always by your side whenever you need him.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

2. This Pomeranian whose treat is practically bigger than him (but he's going for it anyway).

emyers (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: emyers23

3. This hedgehog that is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, even if she is a bit prickly at first.

4. This mini horse who likes to play with the big boys.

REX USA / David Hartley

5. This teacup pig that's so small you can take him on walks.

6. This parakeet that is basically a tennis ball.

7. This tiny goat who is always up for a good cuddle.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

8. This dik-dik is an antelope that's small enough to keep around the house.

9. This fennec fox that just wants to go back to sleep.

Charles Barilleaux (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: bontempscharly

10. This miniature donkey that makes the perfect shopping companion.

Reg Burkett / Getty (3063523)