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These Cats Are Guilty And Proud Of It

Cats can cause a lot more trouble than dogs do. They are tiny, evil and simply adorable. When they do something bad, all we have to do is yell a bit, then laugh and post a funny cat shaming picture online. Here are the best shaming pictures. P.s. These cats aren’t sorry at all!

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2. There can be lots of different cat toys around the house, but a naughty cat will choose the one it must not. Usually, it’s something big and expensive, like a TV.

3. We can’t choose our relatives, but this kitty can. Her brother is long gone now. Luckily, he was only a little fish. Imagine the horror if it was something bigger!

5. It’s so hard to understand an artist! Stupid humans wouldn’t recognise talent if it smacked them on the face. This kitty had to show them her amazing vocal abilities.

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