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10 Scents That Will Make You Wanna Get It On

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1. Pumpkin Pie

In a study conducted by Alan Hirsch on scents that increase penile blood flow, it was found that pumpkin pie was high on the list of foods that illicit a sexual response. Maybe pumpkin-flavored things aren't so basic after all.

6. Oranges and Other Citrus Blossoms

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While citruses like oranges have been thought to increase seduction and induce flirting, studies indicate that it is definitely responsible for getting the blood flowing (in all the right places).

8. Ginger


Ginger has long been considered to have aphrodisiacal properties. While its scent is strong, it's best when ingested. It's known to stimulate the circulatory system, so next time you need to get the blood flowing, you know where to turn.

10. Chocolate


Chocolate contains chemicals that are not only associated with experiencing pleasure, but are even known to mimic the experience of being in love. Sense memory could play a role in experiencing that phenomenon when catching the scent of the devilish dessert.