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15 Fridge And Freezer Hacks To Help Keep Things Chill This Summer

You gots to chill.

1. Organise your fridge using plastic tubs.

2. Use an ice tray to freeze your leftover herbs in olive oil.

3. Chill your beer faster.

4. Prolong the lifespan of your veggies.

5. Line your fridge shelves with greaseproof paper.

6. Pack as many things into your freezer as possible.

7. Don’t lose sight of anything ever again.

8. And don't forget to label containers.

9. Take a photo of your fridge before you go shopping.

10. Don't let your fruit go bad.

11. Blanch your veggies before you freeze them.

12. Keep perishables away from the fridge doors.

And don't forget these useful facts:

13. Keep your fridge freezer at least 10cm away from the wall.

14. Keep your fridge at between 3 and 5°C.

15. And chill your freezer at -18 °C.

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