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    Latinos Got Their DNA Tested To See What Their Actual Ancestry Is And Were Shocked

    "SO, I'M MORE WHITE?!"

    Latinos come from all walks of life. There are black Latinos, white Latinos, Asian Latinos, Jewish Latinos, and the list goes on and on. We've got a pretty diverse background to say the least. So, Pero Like got their DNA tested to find out more about their genetic ancesty.

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    The Pero Like crew — Curly, Claudia, Maya, Norberto, and Gadiel — knew about their parents' and grandparents' history.

    And for the most part, they had a general idea of where they came from based on their ancestor's country of origin. They also recognized that colonialism could skew their results heavily European.

    So, using genetic tester 23andMe, Pero Like turned in samples of their DNA by spitting copious amounts of saliva into a tube...

    ...Like, a ton of saliva.

    It took a couple of weeks to get the DNA analyzed, but finally, Pero Like was about to discover their ancestry results with the help of 23andMe's population geneticist Kasia Bryc.

    Curly was up first, and he discovered that he was comprised of 40% Native American and 40.4% European.

    And he was ecstatic.

    Claudia discovered she's 56% European and 29.4% Native American. She wasn't too surprised with the results.

    Maya was also heavily European with 50.7%, and 31% Native American. But what really astonished her was her 3.5% Sub-Saharan African ancestry. This is the face she made:

    Norberto discovered he's "close to three quarters Native American" at 62.3%, and 19.3% European. He was pretty happy about that.

    And finally, Gadiel discovered he was 51.6% European and 33.1% West African, which completely caught him off guard.

    In the end, everyone was happy to see their ancestry results. We all have a little bit of everywhere in us and that makes us realize that even though we're proud of our Latinidad, we can also celebrate the humanity that connects us with the world.