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New "Stranger Things" Podcast!

We've started a "Stranger Things" podcast that will be released November 6th!

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The hit series "Stranger Things" on Netflix drew 14.07 million adults in its first 35 days of release, according to Screener. The popularity and buzz about this series inspired us to create a podcast, covering every episode of the first season, with plans to cover the second season after its release on Netflix. The podcast is called "Curiosity Door: Unlocking Stranger Things."

We are veteran podcasters Amanda Hennessey ("Tiny Fences: A Buffy Podcast" and "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast) and Vanessa Reich ("Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast"), based in Vancouver. We are self-described feminists, with a strong interest in pop and nerd culture. Our already existing podcasts critique various aspects of the aforementioned TV series ("Buffy" and "X-Files"), including, but not limited to, the topics of feminism, patriarchy, women's and LGBT rights, character dynamics, behind-the-scenes information, and more. These topics feature prominently in "Curiosity Door," as well as a focus on role playing games.

"Curiosity Door" is unique in that it is only the second podcast to cover "Stranger Things." We also are creating a role playing game based on "Stranger Things," which we play live on the podcast and are releasing for patrons who support us on It is also, so far, the only female-hosted podcast on "Stranger Things."

We have already begun recording the first season of "Curiosity Door," with a planned release of November 6, 2016 for our introductory episode and first 2 regular episodes, December 6th, 2016 for the next three episodes, and January 6th, 2017 for the last three episodes.

Please visit our social media:

Twitter: @curiositydoor

Instagram: curiositydoorpodcast



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