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Things You Should Know About Water Jet Liposuction

A procedure that has been carried out for years in Europe, WaterLipo is regarded as much safer than other forms of liposuction.

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Water Jet Liposuction

One of the least invasive liposuction techniques which uses the newest technology is WaterLipo. No anaesthesia is required for water lipo and no IV either. Other liposuction techniques tend to cause quite a lot of trauma for the patient because of the force needed to break down the fat tissue and suck it from beneath the skin. Normally with traditional liposuction, there is a long rehabilitation period because of the trauma caused to the tissue. A further issue Is that there is usually substantial bruising and bleeding which also requires a longer period of rehabilitation. Whilst traditional liposuction requires some form of anaesthesia, water liposuction uses a stream water to gently remove fat and remove it from the body. This means that WaterLipo is safer than other forms of liposuction because it is carried out under local anaesthetic. Most patients find that this less invasive procedure requires little rehabilitation to recover from as it doesn’t cause bleeding and is much less painful. A procedure that has been carried out for years in Europe, WaterLipo is regarded as much safer than other forms of liposuction.

How do surgeons perform WaterLipo?

A few small incisions are made in the site where liposuction is required so that the area can be injected with a solution of local anaesthetic to numb the area. Because the incisions are so small, they do not require any stitches and heal very quickly without leaving any noticeable scarring. Once the site has been numbed, a cannula is inserted gently through the incisions. The hollow cannula enables water to be sprayed out at 360 degrees. This action moves removes the fat leaving the tissue to be sucked out smoothly. Results of this kind of liposuction are very good because of the smooth action of the water jet. The water jet leaves connective tissue and blood vessels intact leaving less bruising and blood vessel damage and very little blood loss if any compared with other types of liposuction. Once the fatty tissue has been removed, laser fibres are used to tighten the skin leaving a smoother finish. WaterLipo is much gentler than other forms of liposuction and the recovery time is much less. Patients see results very quickly because only a local anaesthetic is required.

Should I consider WaterLipo?

Areas of your body which do not see results from exercise can be greatly helped by WaterLipo. Given that every body is different each area of your body will have a certain number of fat cells in various areas of your body. Each person is a different shape and may have unique problem areas whether these be saddle bags on your hips, mid waist muffin tops, love handles or heavy thighs. Your shape is controlled by genetics and whilst many people are athletic shape, some people have areas which are prone to fat layer build-ups. These problem areas and changes in your body as you get older can be difficult to deal with through exercise alone. Therefore, WaterLipo can often provide a great way to improve the texture and structure of these areas. WaterLipo is considered much safer than other forms of lipo-sculpture and given that it is more gentle it is easier to recover from quickly. Each treatment may only last an hour or so and once the cells are removed the fat can never grow back again. Another advantage is, that you could if you wished use the fat removed from your thighs and put it into another area of your body if you wish to sculpt somewhere else. Only you can decide if WaterLipo is the best form of lipo-sculpture for you.

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