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11 Reasons Why Crash Team Racing Defined Our Childhoods

20 years later, this game still slaps!

Racing games were nothing new in 1999, and there were some clear leaders in the genre, so no one quite knew how the underdog CTR would be received.

1. Growing up as a kid, you yearned to know what it was like to have a kart-racer to call your own.

2. Then everything changed. And so began the rise of a true cult classic.

3. Crash was the perfect mascot for a late '90s kart racing game. CTR oozes late '90s nu-metal in all of its cringey glory – jorts and all!

4. The game played plenty of fan service to long time fans with a huge cast of characters from the extended CBGU (Crash Bandicoot Gaming Universe)

5. It brought you hour upon hour of being cramped in your lounge room with a bunch of mates...

6. If you were an only child, you knew how silly and fun story mode was, giving context for all this racing.

7. Not to mention the boss levels completely owned.

8. There were some seriously fun weapons that made battle mode so, so satisfying.

9. Taking cues from the previous titles in the series, the game is filled with creative and hard-as-nails level design.

10. It was the perfect balance of difficulty and reward that had you always coming back for more.

11. And last but not least...Fake Crash

Now that we have your nostalgia sensors on overload, you might be interested in hearing that Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled launches 21 June. For now, get hyped with the trailer!

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