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What Percent Cassie Are You?

Zero to 100 real quick...or maybe not. IDK

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  1. Check off which apply to you:

    Makeup is fun and I enjoy it
    I love college apparel
    I'm vegetarian/vegan/don't like meat
    I will screenshot texts and send to group chats if someone is being annoying
    I am petty *sometimes*
    My name rhymes with fun things
    I love Netflix
    Currently binge watching Gilmore Girls
    I like music
    I like to sing
    Sometimes I write raps
    I say "like" a lot
    My grammar isn't great
    I like to participate in class
    I miss high school sometimes
    I really like pizza
    And cheese
    And chocolate
    NYC is super fun and I can't wait to live there when I'm older and have a good job hopefully
    I go to a small school
    I love Kylie Lip Kits
    I procrastinate
    I like music festivals
    I like listening to rap music
    I like kendrick lamar
    I like kanye west (more like kanye the BEST amiright ladies)
    I am a meme slut
    Friends are super important to me
    I have 2 sisters
    I have 2 really really really cute dogs
    I love dogs
    School is fun but a lot of work
    I've been to church
    I've been to another country
    I've seen a real farm
    I love to snapchat
    I love solo pics
    I love ice
    I'm getting annoyed by this bc its getting really long
    ok bye

What Percent Cassie Are You?

You tried. And well not everyone can be like Cassie, you really aren't. Which I guess is good because you're not the same person but IDK she prob is judging you a little. Who knows. All I know is that you aren't similar. Maybe you guys can still be friends. Who am I kidding yeah you can she sent you this quiz for a reason. Don't be upset!!! Maybe your new years resolution is to be more like her IDK!

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You're getting there! You're probably a nice mix of Cassie and Your Own Person which I guess is a good thing. Now I'm curious which you checked that is similar to Cassie. Maybe send me screenshots. IDK this is so random haha bye.

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Wow you are really similar to Cassie! This is weird! Stop copying her! Kidding! Maybe kinda IDK. Congrats I guess. Just try to be your own person but also keep that sass in you! Honestly she's probably proud. You should be too.

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