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18 Times The Internet Roasted The Shit Out Of Dudes Who Didn't Understand Periods

"This is why education is important."

1. When this dude thought their erection struggles were comparable.

2. When this person got a bad education.

3. When this guy was blind-sided by the wrath of the period sneeze...

4. ...and poo.

5. When that student maybe needed to take a few more classes.

6. And this one maybe a few less.

7. When this dude dared to question our thought process.

8. When this person asked a silly question.

9. When this guy got a very appropriate response.

10. When this dude got a funny comparison.

11. When this person's coworker pretty much just got laughed at.

12. Whenever ANY dude made this comment.

13. When this fella got QUITE the surprise.

14. And when this dude got A LOT of clear responses.

15. When this teacher got a lot more than he was probably expecting.

16. When the roasting went as far back as Victorian times.

17. When this dude got this classic response.

18. And finally, when this guy pretty much got the lesson he deserved.

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