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10 Gadgets & APPS That Every Traveler Should Have

The most useful gadgets & APP's that every traveler should bring along with them, on their next trip.

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Travelling abroad on a frequent or non-frequent basis can be an exhausting process. However we all seek to minimize the discomforts experienced while travelling abroad, either it may be for holiday or business.

Below is a list of the 10 most useful gadgets & APP's that you might find while traveling in the duty free shops. They will turn out to be a life saver!

1. Mobile Library:

While traveling you want to keep your luggage as light as possible. Booklovers tend to over pack many books and magazines to read on their holiday. Thankfully for Kindle, you can bring along your personal bookshelf along with you and because of its portability you can snuggly fit in your hand luggage.

2. Power on the Go:

The most common problem most travelers face, is finding a AC wall socket to charge their phones and laptops. Whether it may be in the airport or happen to be in a secluded location.

A great way to minimize chances of your phone or camera running out of battery. Is to get a portable solar powered charger, this will greatly reduce the waiting time next time you happen to wait for an AC socket too free up in the airport

3. Always Connected:

One of the biggest hurdles most travelers experience is internet connectivity. A wireless travel router can solve the issue of slow hotel & airport Ethernet connections or slow bandwidth.

4. Be Noise Free:

One of the most common discomforts while traveling is to have the chance to rest and enjoy your music or audio books without being overpowered by noise from your surroundings. Whether it might be in the airport, plane, train or any other noisy location.

Investing in a good pair of noise cancellation earphones can make wonders, giving you the freedom to hear your music without nearby distractions.

5. Your Local Directory

When traveling to an unknown location, trying to find a good restaurant, bar, retail store or service provider can be tricky and time consuming.

Every smart traveler should have the Foursquare APP installed in their phone. This APP can help locate for you places of interest using your GPS location.

6. Outdoor Tools:

Part of the traveling experience is to explore new places, going out on a trail, hiking or even ending up on a boat in the middle of nowhere.

It is useful to have a ''Swiss Army Knife'' of APP's on your phone. With one tool you can get all the information you need, may it be; compass, speedometer, altimeter, light meter geographical camera and so on. Never get lost and at the same time gather interesting information about the environment currently being explored.

7. Gadgets on the move:

The most reliable method of carrying things around is the backpack and is every traveler must have item. However, the biggest fear most people have, is misplacing it or even worse losing their backpack with all their valuables.

A smart backpack can solve many issues while on holiday, with features such as: built in power bank, Bluetooth, usb connectors to charge your electronic devices and GPS tracking system in case your bag gets lost or stolen.

8. Travel Documents:

The single most important item when traveling abroad is your travel documents and making sure they are stored in safe place.

A good travel wallet can solve this common issue. They are designed in a clever way so you store all your boarding pass, credit cards, passport and cash in one carry around wallet.

9. Never miss a beat:

While on holiday, there are times you would like to listen to your favorite music, maybe in your hotel room or even on a beach.

Every traveling audiophile should consider getting a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Many of them are, compact, sand proof, waterproof and overall very durable so you can just bring anywhere with you.

10. Avoid Delays:

Delayed flights or even worse, canceled flights is every traveler's worst nightmare.

Change of flight time & dates can affect your holiday or business trip planning, so the trick is to be up to date with all changes before heading off to the airport.

The Skyscanner APP can save you a whole lot of time, by keeping track of any changes of your flights, so you don't have to find out last minute when arriving at the airport.

Also Check out the infographic below, produced by Resaplanet , basically wrapping up everything in a nutshell.

Does anybody have any great APP's or Gadgets, that you would have mentioned on the list?

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