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15 Times Anime Perfectly Described Your Dating Life

Whatever you're feeling, there's an anime for it.

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1. When you and your single friends take an epic selfie before hittin' da club:

Gainax/Kazuki Nakashima/Aniplex / Via

You're SO Gurren Lagann right now.

2. When your date texts you 30 minutes before dinner to say they can't make it:


Gon from Hunter x Hunter is all of us.

3. When your ex comes back to beg forgiveness:

Eilchiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation / Via

That's One Piece of your past you'd rather not get a redo on.

4. When they really don't look like their profile picture:

Hitoshi Iwaaki/Kodansha Ltd./NTV / Via

Like, srsly, what Parasyte got ahold of you?!

5. When you download a new dating app and immediately get bombarded with messages:

Natsume Akatsuki/Kurone Mishima / Via

"OMG I Konosuba-n't even."

6. When you're head-over-heels in love with their personality:

Kazuki Takahashi / Via


7. When you finally get home from a date after holding in a fart for the entire evening:

Nitroplus/Type-Moon/Ufotable/FZPC / Via

What a cruel twist of Fate/Zero.

8. When your date has been talking about their ex all night:

Jun Misaki/SB Creative/Hundred Project / Via

For the Hundredth time: SHUT UP.

9. When you've swiped right on all the available singles in your area, and you still don't have a match:

Trigger/Mari Okada/Project Kiznaiver / Via

Your non-single friends will Kiznaiver understand the struggle.

10. When you remember that really embarrassing, dumb, stupid thing you said to your crush:

Sotsu/Sunrise/MBS / Via


11. When you're deep in a chat convo with a hottie, then suddenly they ghost on you:

Kazuhiro Jufita/Shogakukan/Ushio/Tora Partners / Via

What an Ushio and Tora-ble thing to do!

12. When you finally find someone on a dating app who can carry on an interesting conversation:

Watsuki/Shueisha/FujiTV/Aniplex / Via

"How Rurouni doin'?"

13. When you go back to their place, and it's an absolute pigsty:

YAM / Via

OMG it smells like Yamishibai in here!

14. When you finally kiss your crush, and it's not what you thought it would be:

Makoto Raiku/Toei Animation / Via

Like, you can't even Zatch Bell-ieve how much tongue is flying around right now.

15. And when you finally meet the person and decide to try really hard not to mess this up:

Hiro Mashima/Kodansha/Fairy Tail Project / Via

<3 Chasin' that Fairy Tail life... <3

Images courtesy of Crunchyroll

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