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11 DIY Shot Glasses That Will Change Your Life

Shots have never tasted better! Step up your shot game with Crown Royal Regal Apple.

1. Marshmallow Shot Glasses

You'll need: jumbo marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers

Steps: First, melt the chocolate. Then, hollow out the marshmallows with a melon baller or teaspoon, fill with melted chocolate, and rim with crushed graham crackers. Place on a dollop of melted chocolate so it stays upright, and serve when the chocolate has cooled.

Pair with: chocolate liqueur and crumbled graham crackers for a boozy take on s’mores!

2. Icy Mint Shot Glasses

You'll need: fresh mint leaves, sugar, water, and a shot glass mold

Steps: Chop up the mint leaves and mix with water and sugar to taste. Pour into the mold, freeze, and voilà!

Pair with: lime juice and your liquor of choice.

3. Apple Pie Shot Glasses

You'll need: small apples, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon

Hollow out the apples with a melon baller. Place in a mini muffin tin to keep them upright, fill them with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, and pop them in the oven at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes. When they come out, they'll be ready to fill with the liquor of your choice. Serve warm.

Pair with:
rum, bourbon, or an apple-flavored spirit for the perfect fall comfort drink!

4. Sugar Cone Shot Glasses

You'll need: sugar cones or waffle cones, chocolate

Carefully cut the top 2 or 3 inches off of the cone. Melt the chocolate and drop a dollop into the cone. Once the chocolate hardens, it's ready to fill! Optional: rim the cone in melted chocolate and the ice cream topping of your choice.

Pair with: any cream-based liqueur. Think of it as ice cream — any flavor tastes good in a waffle cone!

5. Lemon Sour Shot Glasses

You'll need: lemons and sugar

Steps: Carefully hollow out the lemon with a paring knife and spoon. Rim generously with sugar.

Pair with: vodka or whiskey.

6. Gingerbread Shot Glasses

You'll need: pre-made cookie dough and a mini muffin pan

Steps: Turn the muffin pan upside down. Press the cookie dough around the inverted muffin cups, bake following the cookie dough instructions, and serve when cool.

Pair with: vanilla-flavored spirits.

7. Ginger Pear Shot Glasses

You'll need: small pears (Forelle pears are the perfect size), crystallized ginger, sugar

Steps: Cut the tops off of the pears, then hollow out with a teaspoon or melon baller. Rim with sugar and minced crystallized ginger.

Pair with: fall flavors! Think cinnamon, caramel, and apple-flavored liquors and liqueurs.

8. Cucumber Pickle Shot Glasses

You'll need: cucumbers and pickles

Cut the cucumber(s) into shot-sized segments and hollow. Garnish with pickle slices.

Pair with: whiskey and pickle juice, for a twist on the pickleback.

9. Bacon Shot Glasses

You'll need: bacon and a mini muffin pan

Steps: Invert the mini muffin pan and cover with aluminum foil if you don't want to get your pan greasy. Generously wrap layers of bacon around the muffin shapes and pop it into the oven at 400 degrees F until the bacon is cooked.

Pair with: your spirit of choice — anything and everything goes with bacon.

10. Peppermint Bark Shot Glasses

You'll need: dark chocolate, peppermint candy, a silicone muffin pan

Steps: Melt the dark chocolate, crush the peppermint candy, and stir together. Invert the muffin pan and generously coat the muffin shapes with the melted mixture, and refrigerate. The chocolate cups will pop right off the silicone once it's cooled. Rim with crushed peppermint candies!

Pair with: peppermint, other mint flavors, or even orange.

11. Frozen Champagne Shot Glasses

You'll need: champagne and a shot glass mold

Steps: Pour champagne into the mold and freeze!

Pair with: an orange-flavored liqueur for the perfect backwards mimosa.

Sea Salt Caramel Shot Glasses

You'll need: salted caramels, sea salt, and shot glasses

Steps: Sculpt the caramels around the shot glasses. (Place wax paper in between if the caramels are particularly sticky.) Refrigerate briefly, then remove the shot glasses. Rim with sea salt.

Pair with: Crown Royal Regal Apple.


Photographs by Aubree Lennon / © BuzzFeed