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    Teenage Entrepreneur Finds Success In Los Angeles

    It is common to see adults in the entertainment, and sports industries, but one teenager has joined the pack. William Weinbach is 16 years old. Growing up Weinbach lived in Connecticut, and was a nationally ranked tennis player. When Weinbach was 12, he and his family packed the bags and moved cross country to California. After the move Weinbach became immersed in the entertainment industry, and gave acting a go. After starring in a pilot pitched to multiple networks, and starring in a Nickelodeon Game Show, Weinbach then decided to create a YouTube channel with his twin brother Maxwell called Twin Talk. On this show the Weinbach duo would interview top professionals in each industry. By the final episode of "Twin Talk" the duo had interviewed Hope Solo, Reggie Bush, Eric Stonestreet, and even made an appearance on the Ryan Seacrest Show to interview Seacrest on the air. During this time, Weinbach also became interested in golf and started training with golf coach George Gankas. Weinbach then created his second venture, On The Green TV. This was another YouTube channel similar to Twin Talk, but this time around he partnered with golf coach George Gankas to create instructional videos as well as interviews. In just a short period of six months, the comedic golf duo racked up over 20K followers across all outlets on social media, and started getting brand deal offers from top companies. Weinbach later sold on the Green TV in the winter of 2017. That summer, Weinbach decided to re-evaluate, and decided to once again play tennis as he partook in the Sherwood Country Club tennis camps. This was where he created his third and most successful venture, Cross Court TV. On this channel, not only would there be instructional videos and interviews, but he would also include product reviews, and match highlights. Weinbach started off this venture on Instagram, and gained over 123 followers in just under 6 months. Weinbach was also granted media credentials to the BNP Paribas Open and had the opportunity to use his on-camera charm and hosting skills as he was able to interview Jack Sock, David Goffin, and other top 20 ATP and WTA professional athletes. When asked about his future Weinbach says "I don't really know what I want to pursue as I continue on, but to me it does not matter, because I know that I will be able to apply these very important lessons of persistence, and learning to anything that I do." Weinbach this year will be a junior in high school, and says he would like to play "college tennis at a high level" in the near future as well as grow his channels and take life step by step.

    Janine Brown Studio / Via

    William Weinbach in the middle of a tennis match being played at the Stub Hub Center in Carson California.

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