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Being unmarried at 30 is not easy for a woman, but if you manage to be single, fabulous and happy it´s FANTASTIC!

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10 Reasons to be Single, Happy Fantastic & Fabulous at 30

1)Understand that singleness is a matter of CHOICE.

2)By 30 there are many experiences lived, and in them so much WISDOM.

3) The delay of a family allows us to know ourselves better and find OUT what we really want in this world besides having a family.

4) You don't need to have kids in order to TRASCEND in life.

5) Advances in technology and medicine will always make us look FABULOUS at any age.

6) The power to MAKE DECISIONS that affect our destiny is entirely ours.

7) Being HAPPY is just a matter of attitude.

8)The AUTONOMY achieved through paid work is AMAZING.

9)TRAVEL all over the world without luggage.

10) Live WITHOUT LIMITS because when you are 30 and single, everything is allowed.

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