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8 Ways To Get Your Kids Actually Excited About Brushing Their Teeth

Let's be real: How often has afternoon come around before you've realized your kids still have not brushed their teeth? The past few months have probably thrown your regular routines for a loop — time to ditch the "Quaranteeth" and make brushing fun with Crest.

1. Let them own their flavor...

2. ...and maybe a colorful toothbrush collection, too.

3. Incorporate something they love.

4. Reward their results.

5. Help them take responsibility.

6. Set a positive example.

7. Try not to group brushing with other chores.

8. And finally...bring on the silly selfies!

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Parenting takes skill. Healthy oral habits take Crest. Have a blast brushing with the #1 toothpaste brand in America for over 15 years.