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The Best Guide For Translating Dating Profiles

Wanna know when you should swipe right? A confident smile is a definite plus — use Crest Whitestrips for a right-swipe profile pic.

1. Any profile that has the words "insatiable wanderlust."

2. Only shirtless pics? Swipe left.

3. All selfies = no friends to take pictures with OR aggressive narcissism.

4. "Love to be active" means they are the fourth-best player on their Ultimate Frisbee team.

5. Only sunglasses pics? May be trying to hide something.

6. Hiking photo = they went hiking literally once.

7. Tons of tat pics? Definitely thinks they're v. alternative.

8. Only poetry quotes in their "About Me"? Will probably be a lil' basic.

9. 5'9" = 5'7", and 6'0" = 5'10".

10. "Not my baby..." = ("...but I want you to know I like babies").

Beautiful white teeth? Always a good sign.

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