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Reasons Why You Should Date A Volleyball Player

A few reasons on why dating a volleyball player is the best thing ever!

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1. We’re a Team player


Games are not won by a mere single player, we cooperate and act out of our comfort zone if we have to just to make things work. Simple as that.

2. We’re always in the aggressive end


It’s very important for us that we dictate the pace of a game from start ‘til the tail end. Like in relationships, we’ve learned the importance of visualizing what we want and maintain an aggressive stance to earn it.

3. We’re very competitive


In every game, we always give our 100% and pour our heart out because we love what we are doing no matter what the score is. Just imagine how much effort we are willing to put in when it comes to a relationship?

4. We’re always ready to make a sacrifice


We’ve mentioned that we take our passion seriously, right? Even if it means sacrificing something important to us, we’ll do it if it’s worth it. We don’t mind getting hurt as long as it will keep things afloat for us.

5. We’re mentally tough


Mental breakdowns? Nope, we’ve got nerves of steel. We know how to handle and act during a tough situation. We don’t act recklessly when faced by a difficult situation—we assess things carefully then act accordingly.

6. We’re always eager to bounce back from our mistakes


Nobody is perfect. Mistakes happen from time to time. No matter how big or small the offense is, we’ll always look for ways to correct and make up for it—every setbacks are considered as an opportunity to grow.

7. We’re a believer of the never-say-die attitude


Yep, that’s right! We’ll never give up because resiliency is our backbone. We’ll do whatever it takes(legal ways) to keep things going. As long as there’s a chance for us to stage a comeback, we’ll take it.

8. We keep our heads in the game


We don’t get distracted that easily because we have our eyes on the prize. We do mean it whenever we say that we are committed.

9. We communicate well


Communication is our bread and butter. The importance of establishing a connection is what keep our engines well-oiled and running.

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