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Features That Define A Smartphone

If one fine day, somebody comes and asks you which is the best mobile.

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How would you answer the question? Probably with the names of a few brands, right! But, being the awesome ones we are, we never miss out on any opportunity to find the best while paying a minimal amount of money for it and the same goes when buying a smartphone. For that how we roll and the world is learning this skill from us. A pat on the back well deserved.

The smartphone market has seen a deluge of features with the launch of every new phone. With each and every brand claiming theirs to be the best smartphone in the market, it sure is an unsettled debate.

The question in the battleground still remains intact, which is the best mobile phone in the market? Let us try and figure out a few aspects that define and demarcate the lines between great phones with out of the box features at amazing prices.

Operating System

Hands down, Android is the most versatile user oriented operating system the world has ever witnessed. With a large backup community, amazing features, compatibility, ease of use and much more, Android has given the world something to cherish forever. Not only for the users, this platform has proved to be likewise for the developers as well.


The world is going crazy over selfies and so are you, right? The first thing that we do when we buy a smartphone is click a selfie. Such is the obsession of photographs that we don't see people getting over it anytime soon. When looking for a smartphone, the megapixels of it's camera definitely can make or break the deal for you.

User Interface

Although Android has worked wonders to create an interface in the most user friendly manner, different companies customize their products accordingly and this in turn creates an impact on the user. People mostly buy products after reviewing and tend to go for the ones which are easier to operate.


The internal storage and the RAM of a smartphone are the one area where most brands have been competing ruthlessly. Dropping prices with increasing storage and performance have made it possible for people to own good phones without shelling out much money.

Call Quality

You might not be aware of the fact that the quality of your call varies with the smartphone you use. Network coverage; earpiece, microphone, and transmission quality; and speakerphone volume are a few features to consider and review before making a choice.


The first thing that draws your attention is the design of the phone. Appealing, decently build, light weight and optimum size are some features that always come in handy.


Battery backup in a smartphone has been a major concern with almost all the smartphone users. With great features and increasing internet usage, the battery dies out too often for most of the phones creating a problem for the users. New generation smartphones are being built keeping this in mind and the battery performance is being optimized with full force.

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