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People Shared Which Teacher Was Their Favorite And Thanked Them

May is National Teacher Appreciation Month, so Crayola wants you to ditch the apple and give your teachers some well-deserved praise.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us who their favorite teacher was and give them a message of thanks. Here's what they had to say...

1. "Mr. Somers always brought a fun and goofy attitude to school. He even made our tests fun. The most memorable thing was that he created an alter ego named Bob who was this nerdy guy with glasses."

2. "My grandmother passed away toward the beginning of the school year when I had art with Mrs. Lane. She reminded me a lot of my grandmother. She was always so proud of all of her kids’ work. She’s the reason I continue to paint."

3. "My community college creative writing instructor helped me to develop my skills and furthered my strengths as a writer. She is the reason why I'm an English major today."

4. "Waterford is a small town where everyone knows everyone, and it made me feel like an outsider. However, Mrs. Wilhite always made sure I was included. She cares so much about each and every one of her students."

5. "During high school, my mother was constantly in the hospital, which caused me to have failing grades. Mrs. Harrelson would stay after school to let me retake tests I had failed. I don’t think she knows the impact she had on my life."

6. "Ms. Rosendaul kept the classroom fun, and she was cool under pressure (she helped me wash my hair when a boy barfed in it). I partially credit her with helping me become a teacher myself. Thank you, Ms. Rosendaul!"

7. "My English teacher Mrs. Hancock. I ran into her during summer one year, and she told me, when making lesson plans, she asked herself, 'Would Erin like this lesson?' For the first time in my life, I felt smart, and even appreciated."

8. "I was always TERRIBLE at learning other languages, but my high school Spanish teacher still managed to make such a huge impact on me through her kindness and motivation to help me pass."

9. "My English teacher had us write a 10-page memoir, and when she graded mine, she wrote, 'I'll be the first to read your full-length one!' Four years later, she showed up, flowers in hand, to the presentation of my undergrad thesis: a memoir."

10. "My high school math teacher, Mr. Rodriguez, was beyond amazing. He was always singing and dancing to random made-up songs around the classroom. I used to keep my phone handy and left my camera app on just for the right moments!!"

11. "I didn’t think my story for class was any good, but I ended up getting the best grade in my class. My teacher told me, 'If this is what you can come up with when you don’t believe in yourself, imagine what you could write when you do!'”

12. "Ms. Fallon, first grade, 1991: You began my love of books and reading with your awesome pillow-stuffed bathtub reading corner. I still love reading and have passed that on to my own daughter. Thank you!"

13. "For most of elementary school, I was getting over the physical problems of my impediment and trying to find my public voice. Mrs. Brennan got me involved with writing and performing. I owe a lot to her!"

Some responses have been edited for length, clarity, or spelling.

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