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18 Of The Best LGBTQ+ TikTokers Of 2021 That Everyone Should Follow

I spent way too many hours scrolling on TikTok in 2021. From comedy to home improvement, these are some of the best queer creators of the year.

1. captincrook


Tik tok tried to quiet me.. it won’t work #blond

♬ original sound - Alex Consani
Trans model Alex Consani, aka captincrook, ruled the fyp this year. The queen of DePop and Y2K fashion has a killer runway walk and can twist her face into bizarre shapes. She walks the line between fashion and funny. If you can't get enough of her main account, follow her burner @ms.mawma

2. cristiandennis


he’s so supportive of my dreams 🥺

♬ Water Under the Bridge - Adele
Cristian Dennis (he/him) began his internet journey reacting to songs on YouTube. On TikTok, his high energy comedy and dancing has earned him 8 million followers, and nearly 400 million likes. I would also recommend following his boyfriend @tyshonlawrence

3. Cowgirl_prozac

Cowgirl_prozac (she/they) is the creator of the 'Burger King' song that became a viral trend in October. It's an ear worm. She is NYC based, fearless, and does an incredible Marge Simpson impression.

4. Topherhehe

Topher Lee (he/him) has it all. He's funny, a talented singer, and a major Paramore fan. You will come to love his auto-tuned rants. At just 22, he has earned almost 10 million TikTok likes. I promise he will brighten up your fyp.

5. mx.deran

Ty Deran (they/she) is a non-binary actor, singer, and content creator. The "professional unicorn" makes accessible educational queer content. I always feel elevated and supported after spending time on Ty's page.

6. riverglass

Be honest, we all fantasized about Tony the Tiger or Mr. Krabs at some point in our lives... River Glass (any pronouns) is here to make those fantasies a reality. The Drag King turns stunning looks that make my jaw drop. I have watched their chest plate cleaning video far too many times.

7. iammadisonrose

Madison Rose (she/her) is an up and coming Los Angeles musician and content creator. The pansexual diva is making rainbow pop, turning looks, and making me smile on the daily. She wants to be ICONIC and trust me, she is.

8. gravitybalmain


#duet with @gravitybalmain yuhh next time I won’t do this at sunset so the lightings the same lmao

♬ Raingurl - Yaeji
Gravity Balmain (he/they) is the vogue instructor of your dreams. His movements are mesmerizing. He can also be seen on Season 1 of the HBO Max hit series Legendary. I will literally never ever swipe past a Gravity video.

9. alexchapmannn

What if Adele's new single was had an early 2000's rave remix? What would happen if you mashed up Vroom Vroom with Potential Breakup Song? DJ Alex Chapman is here to answer those questions, bringing you the gayest music mixes and mashups that you could dream of.

10. ricardfoye

Certified silver fox Ricard Foye (he/him) is a flight attendant, husband, and father. His family content bring so much joy to the fyp, and he's always ready to answer your questions. He is also a contestant on Survivor Season 41! #TeamRicard

11. vward98

Vincent Ward (he/him) is an NYC based creator that makes me laugh out loud on the daily. Since starting in 2020, his TikTok page has reached almost 9 million likes. His signature bit is speaking to a front facing flash with tears streaming down his face. Meryl Streep could never.

12. matt__and__omar


give me celsius or give me nothing

♬ Twinkle Song - Miley Cyrus
Matt (he/him) and Omar (he/she/they) are fyp royalty. One is American, one is British, and they live together in Canada. Sounds like a good sitcom, right? They've got recipes, fashion, and everything in-between. Definitely one of the most captivating couples on TikTok.

13. anania00


sea nymph anania checking in here

♬ original sound - annie
Anania is a Gen Z icon, and a major player in the TikTok game. The Emerson student is undeniably smart, charming, funny. Once you become a fan, you'll be able to recognize Anania's voice anywhere.

14. gorg.on


god is my bestie ngl i love her

♬ original sound - Brett Beckwith, Pn1
Both androgynous and witty, Goerge Gorg (he/she/they) is a must follow. The Bulgarian model is a wonderful educator on gender fluidity. You can also find them on Discord and Twitch!

15. probablythis


DRAMA ⭐️ answering five questions we got about this v polarizing pink shower #YourGayUncles #ProbablyThisHome #MyCrib

♬ telepatía - Kali Uchis
Get to know Matt (he/him) and Beau (he/him), the cutest home and lifestyle bloggers on the clock app. The couple appropriately brands themselves as 'Your Gay Uncles.' Follow for DIY, design, and home improvement tips as they renovate their gorgeous Victorian home. I mean come on... that pink shower is so satisfying.

16. roobean

Robyn (she/her), aka roobean calls herself "your favorite bisexual baddie," and she certainly is. The UCSB student stays on top of trends and finds incredibly clever sounds to lip sync to. Her signature red children's microphone cracks me up.

17. parkerkithill

Parker Kit Hill is a driving force in queer internet content. The model has ruled our phone screens ever since the Vine era. Vogue describes Parker's video content as "High Fashion Comedy." The duets with bizarre food accounts are a must see.

18. And lastly, Pythia.queen

You may recognize the "Grecian Drag Goddex" from the current season of Canada's Drag Race. On TikTok, Pythia (she/they) turns makeup and fashion looks that take my breath away. I've been a fan since before their season, and I hope she takes the crown! #TeamPythia