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Ulozi Motors The First African American Car Brand

ULOZI MOTORS mission is to bring sustainable energy to the world by producing futuristic zero carbon luxury vehicles and home batteries.

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Ulozi is an automobile company owned by Simeto, a Baltimore-based car designer. Simeto has been working towards producing the world's greenest car for some years now. And his designs for the prototype make for quite convincing proof that his dream is only blocks away from reality. His car is an electric-driven vehicle, similar to those of Nikola Tesla.

Ulozi is designed to run on electric, wind and solar power. The windows have luminescent materials that serve as a collector for solar energy.

The chassis of the car has material that is capable of catching power from the wind as the car is in motion. Also, the rims are designed to serve as wind turbines that would be responsible for charging the battery of the vehicle.

This car is most definitely going to revolutionize the future of the automobile industry. And the best part is that for once in the history of automobiles, a black man is responsible for such pioneering invention. Simeto's passion for auto design does not just end with cars as he has also designed motorbikes that are energy efficient as well.

Simeto's adventure in the world of automobiles makes for a really captivating tale. He has been able to move beyond the fashion and music world that is quite common with most black folk, into the world of heavy machinery. And in the near future, with the development of the Ulozi line of automobiles, the world would bear witness to the very first black automobile company.

And what makes Ulozi peculiar is that it has gone far ahead of what is obtainable in the present times and is leading the charge into the future with its development of eco-friendly cars. What more could have as much impact as a black auto company in the frontier of future auto production?

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