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A Guy Lost His Wallet In 1976, And It Just Made Its Way Back To Him

Reunited and it feels so good.

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In 1976, Dave Clark found a wallet on Lawrencetown Beach in Nova Scotia. The ID was for a young man named Harold Parker. It also contained a photo of a woman named Della. Clark kept the wallet ever since, hoping one day he could return it to its owner.

Clark runs an antique shop in West Chezzetcook, N.S., and it was recently visited by Cpl. Aaron Glode of the RCMP. When he heard that Cpl. Glode was from P.E.I., he saw a chance to reunite the wallet with its owner.

"He held on to the wallet... because he didn’t think he would ever locate the owner," Cpl. Glode said in a Facebook post from the RCMP.

"Before I left Mr. Clark handed me a $20.00 bill to put inside the wallet to replace the one that was originally inside. He looked at me and said this has always been on his mind and now that he was 76-years-old he thought it was time to try and find the owner."

CPl. Glode found contact information for ​a man​ in P.E.I. named Harold Parker, and also for a woman named Della Parker. He left messages. Then, a little while later, his phone rang. It was Harold Parker. "You have my wallet," Parker said right away.

"He was ecstatic that the wallet was making its way back to him after 39 years!" Cpl. Glode said.

Parker lost the wallet while helping someone whose vehicle was stuck on the beach. He and Della were dating at the time and they're now married.

Nova Scotia RCMP / Via Facebook: rcmpns

Parker told CBC he's going to put the old wallet to use right away.

"It's actually in better shape than the one that I have, so I think I'll transfer all of the new stuff into the old one and use it until it wears out," he said.

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