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The Internet Is Trying To Reunite A Boy And His Lost Bear

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The Royal Saskatchewan Museum is home to some ferocious-looking dinosaurs. A young boy who visited recently was frightened by the exhibit, but received comfort from his beloved teddy bear.

Then disaster struck: He left the bear behind in a washroom. A museum staffer who'd helped the boy when he was scared knew how much the bear meant to him.

So the museum has launched a campaign to reunite the bear and the boy.

The museum has been tweeting pictures of the bear with the hashtag #lostbear in the hope that the boy's family will get the message.

Did your teddy bear go missing? He's here and we think he wants to go home. #Megamunch is too scary. #lostbear

"Normally whatever gets lost, we go through it eventually and end up donating it," museum staffer Jenna Cannon told CBC News.

The #lostbear has been making his way around the museum as he waits to go home. He hung with some bear bros.

In the meantime, #lostbear is being fostered by the Bear family. Bye for now!

He checked out the birds.

"Could this be my family?" Sorry #lostbear. Bears don't fly.

And did a traditional First Nations dance.

#lostbear is spending #CanadaDay learning about #FirstNations round dance. What are you doing for #CanadaDay ?

He even went back to see the dinosaurs in a rather up close and personal fashion.

Be careful!

But of course he'd rather be back with his family.

Oh dear. Bear is lost AND hungry. "Do you bees have any honey?" asks #lostbear.

The story is going viral as people try to reunite the pair. The Washington Post, Daily Mail, and others have written about the hashtag campaign.

The Vancouver Police also lent a hand.

Do you know #LostBear's owner? #VPD helping @royalsaskmuseum & @globalnews spread the word.

As of now the bear is living at the museum and the little boy is somewhere out there, still without his buddy.

If you recognize the bear, get in touch with the museum to help #lostbear find his way home.

Craig Silverman is a media editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto.

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