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Parts Of British Columbia Are On Fire And Smoke Is Choking Vancouver

More than 150 fires are burning in the province, sending smoke into low-lying areas such as Vancouver.

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Morning broke in Vancouver and brought with it a day of smoky skies.

The city is under a cloud of smoke due to more than 150 fires raging in other parts of the province.

The area around Pemberton, in northern B.C., is seeing some of the most aggressive fire activity. This photo from the B.C. Wildfire Service shows part of a blaze that covers roughly 1500 hectares.

Pemberton fire this am. This started small.

"We are getting many reports of smoky and hazy skies throughout the province, particularly on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland," the Wildfire Service reported yesterday. "This smoke is drifting in from large fires throughout the province, and is settling in low-lying areas."

As a result of the fires, there was a very rare and slightly frightening weather forecast for Vancouver.

This guy went outside and declared it an "apocalyptic morning."

Streets in Vancouver were covered in a smoky haze instead of morning sunshine.

Here's a comparison of the view last week versus this morning in Kitsilano.

The mountains are gone...


"Right now my heart is breaking because of the wildfires happening in BC. I can't see my mountains."

One woman shot a remarkable Instagram video of a smoky landscape as she took a ferry from the town of Gibsons on the sunshine Coast.

The smoke has resulted in air quality warnings.

Air Quality Health Index in Metro Vancouver NW it went OFF THE CHART b/c #BCwildfire #bcpoli


So some folks are staying inside and out of the smoky air.

tried to cycle my usual circuit this morning. didn't get far #BCwildfire #stayindoors #smokey #Vancouver #orangesun

The smoke-and-fire sky in Vancouver has undeniable moments of beauty, but it's all the result of deadly fires that are still raging up north.

Tree-faller dies fighting #Sechelt forest fire

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